TWO New Apple Sites From Trainn

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This Wednesday Apple completely revamped their iPod lineup, introducing a new iPod nano, iPod classic, and the iPod touch, which is basically an iPhone without the phone.

Trainn runs some terrific freebie sites, and they just released TWO new ones completely dedicated to Apple products.

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YouriPodTouch4free is just that, a site for the new iPod touch. They offer the 8 and 16gb versions, as well as $350 Apple gift card and $350 cash options.

Sign up at YouriPodTouch4Free

YourFreeiStuff offers a variety of Apple products, including:

  • NEW 8gb iPod nano
  • NEW 160gb iPod classic
  • 20in Cinema display
  • 8gb iPhone
  • 40gb Apple TV
  • $300 cash

Sign up at YourFreeiStuff

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28 Responses to TWO New Apple Sites From Trainn

  1. Garnet says:

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    Sweet. When I saw the new iPod touch, I knew I must have it. I immediately searched for a free site that featured it, but the only one I found had the most horrible terms and conditions that prohibited you from canceling your offers before 60 days have passed. Thanks for posting these sites! I’m going to go for it.

  2. Josh says:

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    Thanks Garnet.
    If the iPod touch is anything like the iPhone (which it is), then you are going to LOVE it. I’ve had my iPhone for two months and I still can’t get over how wonderful it is.

  3. Kevin says:

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    Cool. This kid I know in my physics class just got the iphone from one of the trainn sites, any reccomendations for selecting an offer? he said to do the blockbuster then cancle it a day or to later.

  4. Josh says:

    The best offers are two things (mainly):
    1) cheap
    2) easy to cancel (via online or email if possible)

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    Blockbuster is ten bucks and you can cancel online, so it’s not bad. If you sign up for it, I’d recommend you add some movies to your queue and try it out. You paid for a month, so you might as well use it. I did it as a trial initially, and now I’m a paying member and loving it.

  5. Kevin says:

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    Cool, after i recieve credit for the blockbuster trial will cancling the offer still cost me the 10 a month? only reason im curious is cause im using netflix atm :p.

  6. Kevin says:

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    Ok last question I PROMICE this time. Im thinking im going to go with the gamefly offer cause its 10 bucks and was gana rent 2 games to test out next week anway from blockbuster (7-8 per game…) I pulled up the offer page and does it automaticaly refer to my account with trainn? or will i have to find a code to put in for my account.

  7. Josh says:

    1) Yes, Blockbuster will still cost you even if you cancel
    2) No, you just sign up after visiting the page from trainn’s site

  8. Kyle says:

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    So Josh, a local from around where we live referred me to your site and through this site, using your referral link I’ve signed up for and have gone with Gamefly as my single offer to do.

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    I’m assuming you’re going the referrals route, but there was also the points system and I’m wondering how much each of these little offers are worth? I saw that the ipod touch 8gig was 300 points less than the 16gig, which was 700 to 1000 respectively. 300 points could be the difference of 2 or 3 offers to 6 or 7. This is the first time I’ve ever tried a “free” anything site and I guess the only reason I’m doing this is because 4 locals have successfully gotten something out of trying these free sites.

    Any help would be greatful if you have any other tips aside from the ones in your blog. Also, with Gamefly, i just used my credit card because gamefly’s reputable, but would you suggest getting a prepaid visa?

  9. Josh says:


    Glad you’ve decided to take the plunge! Welcome to the freebie world.

    It sounds like you signed up and chose a referral account. Go into your “My Account” and simply change your account to a points account. (You can change this back and forth with no penalty, as many times as you like) Then you will be able to look at the various offers and estimate how many you’d have to do to earn the required amount of points.

    If you haven’t already, read my post “Universal Tips & Tricks.” Regarding a prepaid visa, that’s really up to you. As far as whether it’s safe to give these companies your card or not, I’ve done TONS of offers and never had any information compromised or anything like that. It’s really up to you.

  10. Garnet says:

    I decided that I didn’t really want to do so many offers using the points account nor did I want to rely on others for referrals, so I’m just going to go for a $500 Visa gift card and buy a 16 gb touch that way. It’s only 4 offers to get the gift card and it’s much easier to keep track of fewer offers. I hope by the time I get the gift card the iPod touch would have had a price cut and a hard drive increase.

  11. Josh says:

    Which site are you using for the $500 visa?

    Lol and just because Apple slices the price on the iPhone, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for the touch just yet :)

  12. Kyle says:

    The touch ships by Sept 28 according to apple’s site. Do you know about how much money I will be spending for my “free” product?

  13. Josh says:

    It varies for everyone depending on the offers you choose. You just have to look through the offers, get a rough idea of which ones you’d have to do, then add up how much each would cost.

  14. Tom says:

    On the Trainn site it says that you can only make 1 change to your account type(points-referrals), however in comment #9 Josh says that you can change account type as many times as you like? What’s up?
    Great site Josh

  15. Josh says:

    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the comment. Not sure where you read on Trainn’s site that you can only change your account type once. On the help page it says “you may update your account type at any time.”

    Also, on the actual “Change Your Account Type” page it reads “we do allow you to change it at any time.” Just to be sure, I changed one of my accounts back and forth, and it worked fine both times.

    Thanks for keeping me on my toes. :)

  16. Tom says:

    Well on in “I. MEMBERSHIP” # 11 it says this “11. If you join with a referral account and later wish to participate using a point based account, you are allowed make 1 account type switch and your progress will be retained with the new settings.”
    Strange they seem to say both things, or am I just missing somthing?

  17. Josh says:

    That is strange. They do seem to be contradicting themselves. I’ve submitted a support ticket about it. Will post once they reply.

  18. Josh says:

    Official reply from Trainn:

    As the option to change your account type is now available on your My Account page, you are allowed to change your account type as many times as you would like.

    The previous limitation applied when an account had to be manually converted by us to the other account type so we will be updating the terms and conditions very soon to reflect the amendment to this policy.

  19. Garnet says:


    I’m doing the $500 gift card at All the offers I signed up for, except for one has went into “in progress”. Either way, I’m going to wait a very long time until I can get my gift card. I’ll wait as long as it takes for the touch to increase its drive space and/or decrease its price so it’s all good.

  20. LearningToBeFree says:

    So Josh, have you done so many free offer sites that you have run out of offer companies to choose from? Seems like that might happen to the Internet Freebie Leader.

  21. Josh says:

    Thanks for the compliment/question.
    Yeah it’s getting pretty tough for me to find offers. :)
    I don’t even know how many offers I’ve done since I got started about a year ago, but it’s got to be well over 100.

  22. Glen says:

    hey josh, have you seen any decent do it yourself sites for the ipod touch? it seems like once nuitech changed their terms, so did everyone else. i’m hoping shop freepay offers it sometime soon

  23. Suzy says:

    Josh, have you received your iPod touch yet? I’m assuming you’ve had enough referrals to get one.

  24. Josh says:

    I did a bit of searching after seeing your comment, and did find a site offering a 16GB iPod touch for 5 offers. It’s a legit company called Brandarama that I’ve been trying out recently but just haven’t reviewed yet. I’ll make a new post about it now…

    No, I haven’t actually had enough referrals yet, but I’m not planning on getting a touch anyway, just the cash.

  25. Jody says:

    Question for Garnet – just went to the everyfreegiftcard site, and the current $500 gift card appears to be restricted to Wal-Mart. They carry the iPod classic, but who knows if (when it ships), they will carry the iTouch. Was your $500 card from Wal-Mart? If so, I guess your strategy will be to purchase it from them, right?

  26. Justin says:

    I want a MacBook Pro really badly, but it costs about $2,000 and the most I’m going to have in the near future is $420 so you do the math. What website(s) would I visit to get a MacBook Pro and which offers are the best?

  27. Bethany says:


    In a few days Josh is going to post a site for a Macbook Pro. I am sure that at that time there will be tons of discussion about it in the forums, so hold tight until then! :)

  28. JR says:

    Ive just been enlightened to this free giveaway/ signup referalls program and was wondering that if You had to do it all over again, what site do you think today would be the easiest to get a macbook pro? Also I browsed some of the suggested websites and read their terms and conditions. They say that at any time the prize may be swapped out for another at any point. Have you ever had this happen to you or anyone you know? Also from start to finish what was the time period that it took you to get your macbook pro? Thanks for the totally awesome site Josh. If I get a macbook pro i will definately donate to your site. Thanks

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