The Last Hurrah

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It is done. Over. Finished. My first year of college is lost, just like that second sock in the dryer.
It went pretty well, I enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to going back next year. Jacob and I will be rooming together again in the same room, which we requested because it is a good room. I should be able to get a parking permit that will allow me to park closer to my dorm, which means much less walking and zero worrying about my car possibly getting towed. My classes shouldn’t be too difficult, if not enjoyable, and to top everything off, I’ll already know a bunch of people when I get there. Overall I’m expecting the second year to be even better than the first.

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In the meantime, I’m back in Columbus for the summer and have begun the infamous job search. I would like to do something in the way of computer repair, seeing as how that’s both my love and my forte. I’ve pursued a few things already and am currently waiting on others, but I’ll let you know when things get settled. I’ll be able to enjoy the summer more after having a job secured, even if that means I’ll be working away my summer. Oh, you get the idea.

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Sorry, no humor to share today. I still have unpacking to do and should probably get to that. I’m not sure how often or if I’ll be emailing regularly during the summer, as I’ll be seeing most of you more frequently and may have a lack of stories to share anyway. We shall see.

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