iPod Touch for 5 Offers [Brandarama]

I’ve gotten a lot of requests lately for sites offering the new iPod touch (an iPhone without the phone).

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Here is one from a company called Brandarama (aka PollPrizeUSA). They’re a legit site with a decent amount of offers to choose from. They’ll usually credit your offers quickly, but then might take a while getting you the gift (though that seems to be the trend in sites lately).

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Here’s the link for the new 16GB iPod touch for 5 offers.
Update 10.23.07: Looks like Brandarama took down this deal. Sorry to anyone who missed out.

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276 Responses to iPod Touch for 5 Offers [Brandarama]

  1. Glen says:

    this is just what i’ve been looking for!

  2. Bethany says:


    Thanks for the post. I just filled out my 5 offers. I had to be careful not to choose any that I had already chosen for the I-deal site.

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    I chose Babys First Disney & Colopure from page 1 (9.98 & 5.95),
    Trim Day from Page 2 (6.95),
    Dr Suess & Friends from page 3 ($7.98)
    and Advantage Language from page 4 (6.95)

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    The Disney & Dr Suess trials (the two most expensive) are supposed to refund even shipping when returned, so I should be getting it for about 20 bucks all in all. It would have been a little cheaper but I have already completed some of the other offers and there are some that I have on my list for the I-deal plasma.

    I’ll post an update when I get approved for the offers.

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    One thing I did notice, btw- The Disney and Dr Suess trials did not send a confirmation of the order (yet), but in order to get manual credit you have to have this email. Does anyone have any experience with these companies?

  3. Glen says:

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    I did the 5 offers today.
    Page 1: eMusic- .99; Critics Choice – 2.99
    Page 2: Hydroderm – 3.95
    Page 3: Rising Star – 4.87
    Page 4: Your Music – 6.99

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    Things I’ve learned so far:
    - I originally signed up for poster pass on page 2. It said it would be $9.99 plus a one time fee. After signing up I checked my online credit card summary- $34.00. I called and was told the difference was shipping and handling. I canceled.
    - even after you receive credit for offers, it still says”Still need to complete:
    Page 1: 2 offers
    Page 2: 1 offer
    Page 3: 1 offer
    Page 4: 1 offer”
    i was told the “still need to complete” section is new and they’re still working on it. disregard it.

    hope this helps someone!

  4. Bethany says:


    You already have credit for your offers? I dont think I have credit for any of mine yet. That does help though, thanks.

  5. Glen says:

    Bethany, so far only rising star has credited

  6. Bethany says:


    Aha- I had already completed Rising Star on a Trainn site. Hopefully the ones I chose credit somewhat quickly. Needless to say I am excited.

  7. Dustin says:

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    So how long did it take for any of your offers to credit??? I did it yesterday and none of mine have. Has anyone tried contacting them to see whats going on? just curious

  8. Bethany says:


    I completed mine yesterday (see comment #2) and none of mine have credited yet either.

  9. jd says:

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    I did my offers today – eMusic says it credits in 1 day – did anyone else do that one? Hoping that it actually does… Josh, do you know anyone (or have you) actually gotten the iTouch or gotten creditted for their offers?

  10. Josh says:

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    No, I haven’t completed the site, but it’s only been a day since I posted this. Sometimes offers take a little while to credit. I wouldn’t worry. Trainn’s one of the most reputable sites out there.

  11. Bethany says:


    Is Brandarama owned by Trainn?

  12. Josh says:


    Nope, I just had a mixed-up moment. This site is not owned by Trainn, but Brandarama is still a legit company.

    Otherwise, the rest of what I said still stands. No matter what a site says about how long an offer might take to credit, I generally figure on longer.

  13. Garnet says:

    *gasp* I’m going to try to do this one. Five offers is not that much.

  14. Suzy says:

    Do you know a site for an iMac? I’ve seen freebie sites for macbooks and other Apple stuff but not an iMac.

  15. Garnet says:

    They have iMacs at ShopFreePay.

  16. Bethany says:


    I just had two offers credit:

    Advantage Language (p. 4): completed
    Detox with Colopure (p. 1): completed

    Only three more to go! :D

  17. Glen says:

    WOW, I am completely in shock! All 5 of my offers have credited already! I then confirmed my name and address, and was able to download a prize claim form. Now all I have to do is mail it in and wait 4-6 weeks…and cancel the 5 offers, of course :)

  18. Tom says:

    emusic just credited for me…the first of five…2 days after doing it

  19. Suzy says:

    Someone emailed shopfreepay and they said that they don’t ship out iMacs anymore. Plus the only model on there where the link actually works is the $1099 model and the cheapest model on the Apple site is $1199.

  20. Dustin says:

    posterpass and disney movie club just credited for me 2 days after completion I am still waiting on emusic, yourmusic, and columbia house

  21. Suzy says:

    Wow Glen, that’s pretty quick. I thought that Brandarama took 3-4 months to mail it out?

  22. Glen says:

    well that’s still a possibility. i’ve only gotten credit and mailed in my claim form. there’s no telling how long it’ll be until i actually get the ipod

  23. whitetyce says:

    Dustin, Columbia House is a bad one to do. I did it for my macbook pro and they tried to make me buy 5 movies at 25 bucks each. Disney movie club was the same, I would advise staying away from those. Good job Glen on getting this done so fast, cold anyone else post which offers credited fast and were cheap and easy to do, thanks.

  24. Bethany says:


    what did you do with the disney movie club? That was one of my offers (as well as a parter site, dr suess & friends) – do you think that I am going to run into trouble with them?

    One thing I noticed was that it says that you have to cancel within 7 days, however the shipment wont arrive for 2-3 weeks….

    How did you handle the offer/cancellation process? Did you receive credit?

  25. Dustin says:

    Whitney I have done both of these before what you do with them is write Refused return to sender on the box and DO NOT OPEN THEM otherwise yes you do get charged more for them and have to buy more dvds

  26. Bethany says:


    Is that Babys First Disney/Scholastic?

    So what I need to do is cancel them before 7 days is up and then refuse them when they arrive?

    I hope that I get the credit for them soon…

  27. Dustin says:

    I am not sure if it is the same as Disney Movie Club but I do believe they are owned by the same company. Does Scholastic have a phone number you can call??? But if it is the same company yes you just need to refuse it and return it to the sender.

  28. Kevin says:

    How do you know if you received credit for an offer. The status page is very generic to me.

  29. Glen says:

    it starts a list above “still need to complete”. it has the offer’s name in bold with the word “completed” next to it. the number of offers it says you “still need to complete” doesn’t change though, but don’t worry about that. it’s a new feature theyre still working on

  30. Kevin says:

    Hi Glen,

    Thanks! How long did it take you to get credit? 1 Day?

  31. Glen says:

    It took me 2 days. Your Music still didn’t go through though. Poster pass did though, which I canceled before they even sent it out. So hopefully that’ll be okay.

  32. Kevin says:

    Alright now am excited. Cool I will let everyone know my progress as well. I signed up Sep 29th.

    Thanks Glen.

  33. Justin says:

    Do I need to signup for eMusic using only the three subscription-based offers that the sponsor offer links to? ‘Cause on eMusic.com there’s a free trial, and I’d rather use that than pay the $9.99 subscription fee via the sponsor-linked site.

  34. Glen says:

    Justin- I’m pretty sure you have to do one of the three subscription-based offers on emusic. Actually, I think you have to do the 75 songs/month one. But it’s only .99 for the first month. Cancel before then and you won’t get charged again.

  35. Bethany says:

    I just had Trim Day and Baby’s First Disney credit…Now as soon as Dr Suess and Friends credits I will be able to order!

  36. Garnet says:

    According to the site, one can request manual credit after the reporting period has passed. All my offers are supposed to report within 1 to 7 days. Does that mean I can get manual credit on the 8th day? I thought I read somewhere that it can take up to 30 days to credit. Would I try for manual credit on the 8th day or the 31st?

  37. Justin says:

    Glen, thanks for the quick reply! I am now pending approval :)

  38. Kevin says:

    Glen, looks like my fate will not be as good as yours was with pollprizeusa. So far none of my offers have credited. :(

  39. Bethany says:

    Has anyone had any trouble getting 2 of the Scholastic offers to credit at the same time? Baby’s First Disney credited, but Dr Suess & Friends did not. I havent even received an invoice from them. They DID however bill my credit card, so I dont know whats up with them….

  40. Bethany says:


    It took almost a week for my 4 that have credited to go through…You have only been waiting ONE business day….

  41. Bethany says:

    Just a quick question,

    It looks like emusic costs $9.99 to sign up for- how did you all get it for .99? Is that on a particular page? (I am looking at it on the third page)

  42. Tom says:

    My Dr. Seuss offer has not went thru along with Yourmusic and At Home Rewards…Ive done both Your Music and At Home REwards b4 and both have credited either instantly or within a business day…this is weird…my roommate got credit for Your Music but not eMusic and I got the exact opposite

  43. Bethany says:

    I just tried signing up for emusic so I didnt have to wait for Dr Suess to credit and I have not received an email from them saying I have created an account. It hasnt charged my credit card yet, but it did take the information.

    Only thing is if I try to sign on to the emusic website it says there is no account under my email….


  44. mcbride says:


    I did that also, and it took emusic like half a day or more to send me an e-mail confirming my account and asking me to make a password to sign in.

    So no worries…
    And the next business day it credited.

  45. Kyle says:

    Did anyone do the At Home Rewards promo? I registered for it but didn’t write the number down to cancel it. Thought I’d be able to go to it from the status page.


  46. Tom says:

    Kyle – the number for At Home Rewards is 18779069072 or 18776366858, but i would try the second number 1st. the first one might be the parent company and you might have to jump through some hoops to get where you want to go, and the 2nd is the one i wrote down last year when doing other offers. Did you get a confirmation email? I never did, so I’m not sure if i even signed up in the first place.

  47. Glen says:

    Bethany- I guess I got emusic for .99 because I did it as a page 1 offer… makes sense it would cost more as a page 3 offer I suppose..

  48. Eric says:

    I signed up for this but just did one offer so far, Netflix. The very same day my credit card had some fraudulent charges on it. I am very leary about this now… Anyone else have any problems?

  49. Bethany says:


    I think that Netflix just authorizes the payment, but doesnt send it through until the trial is up. Im not 100% sure though.

  50. Josh says:

    I would bet money that this is 100% coincidence.

    First, Bethany is correct in that Netflix does not charge you until the end of your trial, assuming you do not cancel before the trial ends. Plus, it’s Netflix. This is a huge, legit company like Amazon or Walmart. The odds are they have nothing to do with it.

    Secondly, Brandarama does not have any of your payment information, only your contact info (name/address/phone), so it would be impossible for them to be involved with fraudulent charges on your credit card in any way.

    I’ve done literally hundreds of offers with who knows how many companies, and I’ve never had the slightest bit of suspicious or fraudulent activity on my credit cards.

    Hope this gives you some assurance.

  51. GregBrady says:

    Did you use your real telephone number? And since you began these offers have you been contacted by ANY telemarketers? If so it is likely one of these people which fraudulently charged your account. Some how these “offerers” send your info to telemarketers, then when the telemarketers contact you even if you choose not to accept their offer they charge your account. Same thing happened to me, but it was only for a $1.00. I ranted and raved so much that they just credited my account back after I sent them several threatening emails and sent their name to the better business bureau. Hope this helps you, but by the no means is this just pure coincidence.

  52. Josh says:

    So Greg, what you’re basically suggesting is that Netflix is giving out our credit card information to telemarketers?

  53. GregBrady says:

    I hate to say this, but yes, but it is not just them. It is others as well. Eventhough they are “real” companies, unfortunately it seems that they some way release our personal info to these telemarketers. For example a company called, yoursavingsclub somehow got my info, then charged my account. Come to find out I was “signed” up for an account with them (which I didn’t even know about). I had to get my password for this phantom account which they will send you through your email address (the same one you use to sign up for offers) and shut down the account and then request/order a refund. This and the massive telemarketing phone calls coincide precisely with when I began doing these offers for Ipods, PS3s, etc. So it is no coincidence, you just need to be very scrupilous when reviewing your credit card charges. And it would be very wise to just get a prepaid visa and reduce your chances of this happening.

  54. Josh says:

    YourSavingsClub in particular is part of the $1 offers like At Home Rewards and Shopping Essentials Plus. Any of those trials will also create a YourSavingsClub account for you and charge you a dollar. It says this plain and simple in the T&C of those offers, and even right on the order page, so it sounds like that instance was your fault for not reading absolutely everything that you can before completing an offer.

    You will get telemarketing calls after signing up for nearly any of the freebie sites, but that, too, is stated in their T&Cs and is the reason I recommend using a service like PrivatePhone.

    However, the freebie company itself cannot have anything to do with fraudulent charges on your card, because they simply do not have that information. You never gave it to them.

    Specifically regarding Netflix, their privacy policy clearly states that “we will not sell, rent or disclose your personal information to third parties,” and considering their size and how well known they are, if they were doing anything other than that (such as giving/selling information to telemarketers), they would have been all over the news and shut down quite a long time ago.

  55. Kevin says:

    I second that PWND.

  56. GregBrady says:

    Your right! Sorry about that, I guess I have an extra dollar to spend on more deals.

  57. GregBrady says:

    Oh, by the way guys they already verified my last offer for my Ipod touch and they sent me a confirmation sheet to send off. So this is legit.

  58. mcbride says:

    Greg how long in business days did it take for all your stuff to complete? I did all of my last friday and have had only one complete.

  59. Kevin says:

    My timing must stink. :( I have been waiting since 9/29 for even one to credit. I would feel better if something changed.

  60. Bethany says:


    Still waiting on one third page offer to credit. I even signed up for emusic just so I didnt have to wait for Dr Suess any longer, but it hasnt credited either.

    I guess I will be waiting a while for my ipod touch. :(

  61. Ross says:

    I got a $1 charge from “Adteractive.” Does anyone know what this is?

  62. Garnet says:

    Kevin, same here. I’ve been waiting around the same time and not one has credited. I’m going to call for manual credit next week, since by then the reporting periods will have passed.

  63. Tim says:

    Josh … are there other Brandarama sites? This seems to be a very reasonable amount of offers for a $400 item. Thanks

  64. TS says:

    For those of you who have done Brandarama previously: assuming I get credited next week, what are the chances I receive the iPod by Christmas? (i.e. Do they actually ship within 8 weeks?) The only comments I’ve read is that people have heard it takes 3-6 months, but I haven’t actually come across anyone who has disclosed how long they waited.

  65. kidrock says:


    i also got a $1 charge from adteractive yesterday.

    i have no idea what it is, anyone else?

  66. GregBrady says:

    It’s been a few weeks since all my offers went into completion. I just got my confirmation on Tuesday.

    Ross and Kidrock,
    Must be something similar to yoursavingsclub.com. It must be an added membership that is in the fine print when you do offers. Josh, informed me of this and looking back at the offers it was indeed stated in the print with the offers I applied for.

  67. Jay says:


    If you do not mind me asking which offers did you complete?

    For everyone else…

    What are the best offers where you do not have to send anything back?

  68. kidrock says:


    did you also do greatfun and/or risingstar?

  69. Glen says:

    Jay- If you look at post #3, I listed the offers I did. They all credited within 2 days, but that was before all these people started doing the site. It seems to be taking longer now.

  70. Ross says:

    yeah i did great fun.

  71. TS says:

    For those of you who haven’t received credit, after doing a lot of reading, it appears that Brandarama does most of their crediting on Friday afternoons. If you signed up for offers at the beginning of the week, most of them should show as completed tomorrow night.

  72. Garnet says:

    O ok. I hope you are right. I did complete my offers last Friday.

  73. Kevin says:

    I sure hope mine go through today, I can’t wait to get my new Ipod Touch for about 15 bucks. Do you guys know how long you have to keep the trials going? Can you just stop the trials at anytime or do you have to wait until the last few days to cancel?

  74. MikeyJ says:

    I was under the impression lots of credits went through on Friday afternoon as well, but so far nothing for me today.


  75. Suzy says:

    I got a charge from Aderactive too.

  76. MikeyJ says:

    You always get an Adteractive charge with Great Fun. It’s really a $2 offer, not the $1 they claim.

  77. Garnet says:

    My offers haven’t changed yet either.

  78. Garnet says:

    Yes they updated! I have 4 out of 5 completed.

  79. David says:

    I just had 4/5 offer credit
    still need Your Music
    does anybody noe how long Your Music takes to credit. I did it last sunday

  80. Dustin says:

    I am at 4/5 now too I canceled your music and then it credited the next friday. This seems really weird. But Josh do you know ne other brandarama sites i heard someone talking about how they got 20″ LCD on the site and I was wondering if you knew anything about that.

  81. James says:

    The only time I have had fraud was after signing up for a grant offer on Trainn. Stay away from those guys.

  82. Kevin H. says:

    Well I just had only 2/5 credit. I wonder why more did not credit.


  83. Justin says:

    Signed up for Your Music on the 30th of September, got it credited today. Same with Critics Choice Entertainment. eMusic got credited in two days though. So 3/5 for me.

    I’m just waiting on OnLingo and Detox with Colopure.

  84. TS says:

    I got lucky. I had Rising Star credit on Tuesday, and the other 4 credit today. 4-6 weeks!

  85. David says:

    I did the rising star too. How are u returning the package? Just writing refused with rma and put it in mail?

  86. David says:

    David- I’d be careful doing the “return to sender” thing. Some companies specifically state that they won’t accept packages that have been sent back like that. I just put the one disk they need back in a bubble wrap envelope and sent it at the post office. It cost under $2.

  87. Jay says:

    Will doing the offers on a Mac’s safari browser affect my credit status???

  88. JustAHint says:

    Be VERY careful when you do the trials for Hoodia Star, Colopure, Avela, etc. essentially any product that is sold through Central Coast Nutraceuticals. I would actually recommend avoiding this company altogether. You have been warned!

  89. Kevin says:

    What is wrong with this company JustAHint?

  90. Hunter Gannon says:

    I have been looking at getting one of the touches, I completed 5 offers and I logged into the pollprize site and its says that I am not quilified, I think it just has not kicked in yet, but some one give me some comfort.

  91. Kevin says:

    You will be credited just give it a few days.

  92. Ian says:

    I did the following offers

    emusic (pg. 1)
    Netflix (pg. 1)
    Vertrue Privacy Matters (pg. 2)
    Trial Giant Great Fun (pg. 3)
    Your Music (pg. 4)

    I did the pg. 1 offers on 10/03 and have yet to get credit. All the other offers I did on 10/06. Vertrue credited immediately and cancelling was easy. I’ll give the other offers more time to credit. Hopefully they go through quickly so I can get my touch.

  93. Mikey J says:

    Any recommendations on sending in your gift qualification voucher?

    I’m assuming USPS with delivery confirmation (no signature required) is the best bet.


  94. Tom says:

    Has anybody got credit through Dr. Suess? I got tired of waiting and signed up for a dollar offer that came up…i signed up twice, they never charged my credit card and never sent an email.

  95. Bethany says:


    I never got an email but they did charge my CC. When I sent them an email they told me that they had shipped it to me, so IDK what to do…I dont have a confirmation email to send to pollprizeusa, but they did charge me almost $10. I will probably just send them that email and the statement from my online banking (with most stuff blurred out) as proof.

    Too bad we have to wait 30 days for that.

  96. Glen says:

    just an update- i sent my voucher on the 28th and still no change on my status page. no worries though, they said it could take up to 3 weeks to change to “confirmed”

  97. Chuck says:

    I signed up on 9/26, did all of my offers, and they were all confirmed on 9/28. I mailed out my cert that day as I left for a week in OBX. My status hasn’t chenged yet either, but I figured that it would take a few weeks for that to happen. This was a super easy site to complete.

  98. Ross says:

    I did all my offers a week ago and not one has credited. What should I do?

  99. Charlie says:


    Be patient! That is the key, the worst that will happen is if they have to give you manual credit.

  100. Brad says:

    I completed the Simply You, At Home, and Great Fun offers. Can i cancel these before they show up as completed in my status? and is there any problems with trying to cancel the accounts?

  101. Bethany says:


    Check out Great Fun for some really good coupons. I got a few B1G1 Papa Johns coupons from there that were great. If it is a month long trial there is no reason to cancel it before your status changes. If you need to get manual credit that will not look good.

    Still no change on my status for Dr Suess. The $1500 Plasma TV offer was easier to complete than this site!

  102. Bethany says:

    I just checked my inbox and there is now a confirmation for the Dr Suess from Scholastic order. It refers to it as “Beginners Reader Package” in the email though.

    At least now I have an email to send to Brandarama to request manual credit. Too bad it takes 30 days!

  103. Ross says:

    Well I sent an email with attachments of all my confirmation emails. So far colopure and disney have credited.

  104. Kimtwo says:

    I signed up last Tuesday, doing 5 offers. 1 (At home rewards) credited right away. 3 more credited today (colopure, trim day and Entertainment), now I’m just waiting on Dr. Suess.

    Thank you for the information everyone!

  105. Dustin says:

    just to let you know if you havent started this yet you may want to go to http://www.yourtopbrands.com it is owned by brandarama (the same site) and you can get a $1000 circuit city gift card for 10 offers. Therefore you could just go buy the ipod touch at circuit city and still have $650 to mess around with. Just a thought!!!

  106. Brad says:

    How long does it take to get confirmation email from emusic, I signed up Monday and still havent received anything.

  107. TS says:

    yourtopbrands.com also has a $1000 Visa GC for 4 offers, which is the site I’m currently working on. Check FiPG for the link.

  108. Justin says:

    My eMusic confirmation took about 3 days, if I remember.

  109. Kellyn says:

    What is FiPG?

  110. Jay says:

    $1,000 dollars thats crazy!!! TS good look on that one

    For those of you who did great fun, i got the confirmation email however what was odd was that the money spent on the trial was pending on my card and then it went away so i never was charged would that affect my credit status….?

    Also Rising star credited instantly! Would canceling it right away now affect my credit?Would they take the credit away???

  111. Ark says:

    Jay: I’m sure it was just a pending charge to see if the money was there, the full $1 charge will soon follow hopefully. Has great fun’s offer crediting slowed down?

  112. Kellyn says:

    Where is the link to the $1000 Visa for four credits?

  113. Josh says:

    I’m just about to post about this deal. I did the 4-offer $1000 visa a few weeks ago and recently mailed in my certs for it. Read the newest post for a link. :)

  114. Kellyn says:

    Wow man that was fast.. lol
    Keep up the good work!

  115. Ian says:

    Question regarding the status page and how it shows credited offers. I got credit for my page 2 offer and it shows “offers complete” for my page 2 offers on the status page. Now the potential problem. I did emusic as a page 1 offer and I finally got credit for it (above “still need to complete” it shows “emusic: completed.”) But, under the “Still need to complete” portion of the status page it says “Page 1: 2 offers” – even though I got credit for the pg. 1 emusic offer I did. Shouldn’t my pg. 1 status be updated to reflect that I now only have to do 1, and not 2, page 1 offers? Will my status page not be updated to show my page 1 offers are complete until I get credit for both pg. 1 offers, or should it update and show I only need to get credit for one more? Anyone experience this problem or have any ideas? Should I go ahead and email customer support?

  116. Ark says:

    Ian, I believe that is a new feature that has not yet been perfected. Don’t worry about it as long as your offers are completing.

  117. Ross says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with offers crediting? Dr Seuss, Living Christian and Great Fun STILL have not credited for me.

  118. Ark says:

    No credit for great fun on my end.

  119. Bethany says:

    Still not credit from Dr Suess and I received the package in the mail yesterday.

  120. Bethany says:

    Does anyone happen to have any experience with the Slot Secrets offer?

  121. Glen says:

    WOO! My status changed to “Confirmed; to be shipped” today! I sent in my confirmation on sept. 28th, so it happened in just under 2 weeks. Now it’s still another 6-8 until it’s shipped, but at least I know it’s coming =]

  122. Ark says:

    You’re looking at more likley 4 months.

  123. Glen says:

    Oh don’t say that, Ark!

  124. Ark says:


    But it has to feel good to be confirmed to ship!!

  125. Chuck says:

    Mine went confirmed today also, so now it is time to wait, wait, wait. It is definitely nice to know that it is coming though. :)

  126. Ark says:

    Well great fun finally charged me so I assume it will credit soon.

  127. Reed says:

    Just got confirmed today. Thanks Josh. This is the real deal.

  128. Kevin H. says:

    Just 2 more offers waiting to credit… :)

    I just wanted to add that I spoke with a rep at PollPrizeUSA and she said that they don’t only normally credit on Fridays like previously posted. I just thought I would share.

  129. Brad says:

    I did Great Fun monday and i still isnt showing completed and I still havent got a email or completion from eMusis. should i have heard something by now?

  130. Ark says:


    My great fun didn’t credit, i got confirmation and charged but took it at a lose and completed another offer and it went complete instantly.

  131. Ian says:

    Had Great Fun and Critic’s Choice complete today. I did Great Fun back on the 6th as an fyi. Just waiting for Your Music to credit and I’ll be all set to send in my form. I can’t wait.

  132. Reed says:

    Your Music may or may not update your status to complete. At least mine didn’t, but I still got my PollPrize confirmation about a week and a half after I did the offer. Just make sure you check your spam folder, because that is where my confirmation notice was found.

  133. Ian says:


    Thanks for the info. Do you happen to remember what the subject line was on your confirmation email? That would make it a little easier to sort through the tons of spam in my spam folder.

  134. Jay says:

    Im having a problem…

    I signed up for the google offer on page 2 and when it completed it said that payment was declined check address and security code. However I was charged the 4.95! Do you think calling them up and asking them what the problem is and try to get them to send me a confirmation email is the right way to go about the situation?

    thanks guys

  135. Steve says:

    Just completed the 5 offers for this one, started on October 3rd and 10 days later everything confirmed!! The site says it will take 4-6 weeks to receive the iPod, will update when I get it.

  136. Ark says:


    It will take about 2 weeks to process your forms. Then you have about a 4 month wait after that.

  137. Mikey J says:


    Do you know that for a fact? You’ve posted the “4 months” thing several times, but from your other posts it sounds like you’ve haven’t completed this offer.

    What’s your source?

  138. Josh says:

    I can vouch for Ark. All the research I’ve done shows that Brandarama will take several months.

  139. Ark says:


    I know what I’m talking about ;)
    I sent out my forms last week for quite a few of their sites ;)

  140. Ark says:

    Oh, josh. Check your email.

  141. Reed says:


    My confirmation notice was sent via “YourTopBrands.com” which is an affiliate of PollPrizeUSA. They sent the email and the link sent me directly to my status page, where I completed my confirmation info that is to be sent to PollPrizeUSA.

  142. Bethany says:

    I have been approved for Tickle (pg 1) and Shopping Essentials (pg3) – I am still waiting on Scholastic (pg2) and Yourmusic (pg4)

    I really hope I dont have to wait a month for manual credit like I am on the ipod touch site….

  143. Bethany says:

    Oops- the above comment was supposed to be on the 1k visa card blog.

    I am still waiting on credit for Dr Suess and friends. I do have a confirmation email and a CC charge though, so I should be able to apply for manual credit in about 12 days.

  144. Suzy says:

    For anyone that did onlingo, is the trail period 14 days or 10? In the email I received, it said 10 days but in the T&C, it said 14. TIA :)

  145. Suzy says:

    Did you use two different emails for the second site ($1000 Giftcard) or the same email for both? Thanks in advance

  146. Bethany says:


    I used the same email address & information. I dont know if I will run into trouble or not, but here’s to hoping I wont!

  147. Jay says:

    What offer on page 2 do you guys recommend being the most reliable and useful?


  148. Ark says:


    The offers cycle throughout the pages so just do an offer you’re interested in. They all are good at crediting pretty much.

  149. Ross says:

    Bethany, have you cancelled the Dr. Seuss thing yet? Mine hasn’t credited either.

  150. Brad says:

    Great Fun completed today. Just waiting on Your Music and Clever Clasp to complete and I should be all set. Has anyone did either of those?

  151. Justin says:

    I’ve done Your Music. Cheap $6.99 and got credited in about a week.

    It’s been over two weeks since I completed the OnLingo offer. Should I wait it out for a month?

  152. Bethany says:


    I did cancel it, however I kept the books and am going to donate them to a children’s reading center. I kept the confirmation email and took a screen cap of my bank statement showing the charges, and I will send that to them for manual credit here in about a week. That should be enough.


    I completed onlingo on the plasma site and it credited within a week for me.

  153. GregBrady says:

    Just wanted to update on my progress with my Ipod Touch. Today my status page changed from qualified, need to confirm to confirmed, shipped. But there is no way of knowing when it will be really shipped.

  154. Ark says:


    When did they receive your forms? You probably have a 4 month wait now. Congrats though.

  155. Garnet says:

    Yay just sent in my claim form; how long does it take for them to confirm on the status page that they’ve received it?

  156. Ark says:


    About 2 weeks

  157. maldonadov says:

    Why is shipping 4 months when the T&C say 6-8 weeks after gift confirmation?

  158. Matt says:

    Well I got screwed today. I check my credit card and I have a $30 charge from Hoodiastar. So I called and my free trial did not get back to them in the time frame, 30 days. So I got screwed and now have to pay out $30 more bucks. Even though I’m upset, this is much cheaper than actually buying it, lol.

  159. Bethany says:


    What took so long for it to get back? Will they absolutely not refund it?

  160. Ark says:


    It’s just how they work.

  161. Matt says:


    Ya they said it had just past the 30 day mark, and they haven’t received it yet. I just waited to long to send it back. And it was a brand new bottle, hadn’t even broken the seal on it. But they already charged me for it, so I don’t know what will happen.

  162. Garnet says:

    Thanks, Ark.

  163. Ark says:

    No problem Garnet, I’m waiting for my forms to get processed also ;)

  164. Brad says:

    I have completed and been charged for the Clever Clasp and YourMusic and it still doesnt show completed. Has anyone did either offer and if so how long did it take before it completed?

  165. Jay says:

    Your music has been taking its time for me as well.

  166. Ark says:

    Look for offers to complete later part of today

  167. Brad says:

    Everything confirmed and mailed off comfirmation today.

  168. Jay says:

    Brad how long did you have to wait for your music?

  169. Matt says:

    Anyone else having problems with tickle.com. I completed the offer two weeks ago and then I realized I didn’t think I fulfill the requirements, so I paid $20 for the premium membership. So I waited this week for it to say complete and I thought by Friday it would be completed, but it still isn’t. Anyone else having a problem with tickle.com??????

  170. Bethany says:


    I had no problems getting credit, but I went through the test and bought the extra analysis- not the premium membership. I got credit the next day. I havent, however, received credit for Scholastic or Yourmusic.com- Im not sure why these Brandarama sites hate me so much!

  171. Ian says:

    Add me to the group that hasn’t had Yourmusic credit. Did the offer on the 6th of October and I’m still waiting. It’s the only offer I need to credit to qualify for my touch. Here’s to hoping it goes through quickly

  172. Brad says:

    I dont know if it helped but when i emailed CS a copy of my email from yourmusic and cleverclasp they both showed up completed.

  173. Ian says:


    I sent in my confirmation email, but before the 30 day period, hoping they might push my credit through. I got the std 30 day wait period to hear from sponsors, blah, blah. I just hope it credits soon.

  174. k-rock says:

    So at what point can we cancel a membership? i mailed in my form to pollstar a few days ago

  175. CodyMeister says:

    so i wont have to pay taxes on this little beast will I?

  176. Josh says:

    No, you only report and pay taxes on gifts valued at $600 and over.

  177. whitetyce says:

    Completed my offers:

    pg1-Living Christian
    pg3-Entertainment Book

    Have these offers credited fast for others? The entertainment book was a great deal because once you buy the book (25 bucks) you can print off a gift certificate for 25 bucks for a food place of your choosing, pays for itself. Hopefully all will credit on friday.

  178. stephen says:

    love brandarama…so far completed $1000 visa, $250 gas card, $500 american express card, ipod touch, and $1350 sports authority gift card…

  179. Mikey J says:

    Stephen –

    Do you have links to the American Express and Sports Authority Gift Card sites?

  180. stephen says:

    @Mikey J: they took them down the other day…looks like they’re on the move taking stuff down…

  181. Mikey J says:

    I’m a little worried about my status. It’s been two weeks since I sent my confirmation in and my status hasn’t changed to confirmed, even though a buddy of mine sent his in the same day and his flipped to confirmed last Thursday.

    What the heck?

  182. whitetyce says:

    So this company only changes your status page on Fridays? Is this right.

  183. Ark says:

    No they do not only change your status on friday. Your offers most of them go through on friday.

    Mikey, if after 3 weeks.. resend them certified mail.

  184. Brian says:

    Looks like this offer was taken down. The link above doesn’t seem to work anymore.

  185. Mikey J says:

    That’s just the thing – I sent it with delivery confirmation, so I know that it arrived.

    I just hope something isn’t screwed up somehow.

  186. Glen says:

    Wow, with all these brandarama sites being taken down, I can’t help but get a little nervous about the fate of my “confirmed” iPod Touch.

  187. Bethany says:

    Try calling the 1-800 number they have posted. They usually answer very quickly and they are quite helpful.

  188. Jay says:

    Still waiting for Your Music to Credit……did anyone get this offer to credit quickly?

  189. Ross says:

    I ordered colopure on Oct 2, and cancelled soon thereafter. I sent back the bottle, but I just got a credit card authorization for $39! The bottle might not have gotten back yet, but it’s still early to bill me! Has anyone else had this problem?

  190. Reed says:


    Been there done that. They actually bill you on the 20th day, according to one of the reps. I personally did not see this anywhere in the T&C. Give them a call and have your delivery confirmation number available. And by the way their reps are horrible. Good luck with getting your money back.

  191. whitetyce says:

    Yeah Ross, their reps suck. I have sent back the colopure and canceled right when I got it so hopefully I don’t get billed for that stuff. I have also ordered, hoodiastar and a few other things from their company, I’m sure there equally bad with all of them, but it’s worth dealing with them for a sweet iPod touch and 1000 bucks.

  192. Bethany says:

    Anytime I have dealt with Central Coast’s CSRs they have been very helpful, though not always the most friendly.

  193. Ian says:

    Just called customer support and the rep claims the offer is still active, but that they are doing it through pop-ups, etc. According to her everything is still good to go. She also noted that my yourmusic.com hadn’t credited and to send in the confirmation email to them on the 30th day (which is Nov. 2nd for me). So, here’s to hoping I don’t have to wait that much longer to get confirmed. Of course, that only means I have to wait a few more months until I actually get it. Oh well.

  194. Ross says:

    So get this, I called customer support yesterday about the Colopure charge, and they said they would reverse it. But I haven’t gotten my money back yet! How long is that supposed to take?

  195. Reed says:

    They told me the same thing earlier this week, but still no refund either. I will post if/when I recieve it. Please do the same. By the way how was their reps attitude?

  196. Garnet says:

    Woot my status changed to “to be shipped”! Now to wait a couple more months…

  197. Ken says:

    So it takes a couple of months for them to ship?

  198. Ross says:


    They seemed nice enough. Once I gave my tracking number he said they’d credit the money back. My bank said it could be a few business days.

  199. Jay says:

    Where are you your music….still have not credited wowwww

  200. CodyMeister says:

    Hey I know the update was that they took this deal down but it still gives me a status and stuff and I can still go to the offers, should I go ahead and try it or not bother?

  201. Josh says:

    You’re fine since you signed up before they took down the offer.

  202. Reed says:


    I just received a refund for $33.10 from Central Coast Nutraceuticals.I am assuming the extra $5.85 was deducted to cover restocking fees or something. Good luck on your refund as well.

  203. Ross says:

    Actually, I just got $33.10 as well. Oh well, whatever.

  204. Stephen J says:


    Their terms/conditions say:

    Incentive Offers
    If Customer orders the Product through a third party incentive website that qualifies Customer for a free gift and Customer cancels Customer’s subscription before the Free Trial Period has expired, Customer will be disqualified from receiving the free gift. Any questions concerning incentive websites and/or associated free gifts should be directed to the website owner where the free gift offer was made.

    Has anyone actually got the touch yet? This 4-6 week wait might be to make sure we don’t cancel the offers.

  205. Reed says:


    You might be correct, but if you have already been confirmed, I would think that Brandarama has already covered those bases.

  206. Glen says:

    Stephen – I’m pretty sure once you’re confirmed you’re guaranteed the touch. The 2-3 weeks between them receiving your voucher and your status changing to confirmed is when they will most likely check to see if you’ve satisfied all requirements and broken any rules.

  207. Julius says:

    So my iPod Touch status changed to “Confirmed: To Be shipped” and frankly I’m concerned. Reading the posts above about it takes 4 months for the company to ship is very unsettling. Can someone confirm that this is true from experience? I’m trying to get the iPod Touch for Christmas. Any direction will help tremendously.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  208. Josh says:

    I don’t know from personal experience, but I’ve read enough to know that yes, it will take several months to ship. You will definitely not have it by Christmas, sorry.

  209. Julius says:

    Thanks Josh! This is a bummer, but nevertheless – it’s a good deal overall. I’ll post and keep everyone updated as to my progress…

  210. Jay says:

    Did it take every one 3 weeks from when they mailed their claim form in to have their status changed to shipped?

  211. CodyMeister says:

    So no one has received a Touch yet?

  212. CodyMeister says:

    I just signed up for all 5 offers last night and 3 have already gone through. SWEET!

  213. will says:

    Mine changed to confirm to ship last night. It took exactly 4 weeks to change!!

  214. glen says:

    It’s been 4 weeks for me since I went “confirmed”. Still no change.

  215. Ian says:

    FINALLY got my info confirmed. I had to wait 30 days to request manual credit for yourmusic. It took them about a week to manually confirm that site. Now to send off the form and wait a few months. Good luck to everyone else.

  216. John16 says:

    No changes?

  217. Jay says:

    Mine just changed to

    Confirmed; to be shipped

    Whats the time frame im looking at??

  218. Sean says:

    3-4 months, Jen.

  219. Sean says:

    lmao..Jay, I’m sorry hahah

    wow I need some rest. Military life is kickin my butt

  220. Kevin H. says:

    Hi all,

    Finally mine changed on the 26th of Nov to Confirmed: To be shipped. It only took 2 months or so. ;)

    Kevin H.

  221. JonET says:

    16GB iPod touch Confirmed; to be shipped [Oct-31-07 11:56 AM]

    I’m still waiting !!

  222. Glen says:

    JonET – I’ve been confirmed; to be shipped since October 11th! Still waiting… I think we both have a long while to go.

  223. Kevin H. says:

    Hi all,

    I talked to a PollPrizeUSA rep and she said that they are now working on shipping Augusts orders.

    We all have atleast until Feb 2008 to find out when we might have ours processed and shipped out.

    Sucks but can’t complain I guess since we are getting it for free.

  224. Ang says:

    I started this thing in Oct. and tickle.com (which is suppose to respond in 1 day) never confirmed my status with brandarama and did not respond to any of my emails…dont use this sponsor!!! I feel as though I will never get this I-pod even though brandarama has always communicated well with me.

  225. utech says:

    tickle.com as well as 2 other offers (Dr. Suess & His Friends, eMusic) never reported me as completing the offers even after submitting the email proof (heck I got the books and everything). I ended up completing another offer from the needed section. Finally got 5 completed/reported offers and sent my letter certified mail. I am showing Confirmed; to be shipped [Jan-3-08 3:04 PM]now, but it looks like it will be a few months before my iPod touch actually gets to me.
    Good luck!
    and hey, Thanks Josh!!

  226. ReedRichards says:

    Utech, sorry to break it to you but it might be closer to the end of this year before you will be getting your Touch if this slow processing continues.I finished all the offers and sent in the certificates last October. I contacted PrizePollUSA this week and they told me that it will still be (in their words) “at least another 6-8 weeks” and once again they are still working on “their August orders.” Hope this sheds a little light into how long you are really looking at!

  227. JohnD. says:

    Here’s my situation. I was confirmed to be shipped back in October as well. It’s been 3 months and everytime I send an email to PrizePollUSA support – I get their standard “6 to 8 weeks” estimated delivery. I know that this is a “FREE” ipod touch – but what’s really frustrating is the false expectations set by this company. Per Josh, this is a reliable and proven company – but from experience(not just by me, but other customers as well) this company has really made a BAD IMPRESSION.

  228. Josh says:

    I understand your frustration. I did a $1000 visa from them and was confirmed back in October as well. I called them the other day to check on it, and the lady I spoke with said they are just now shipping out orders from the end of the summer, so it will probably still be a few months before we get our gifts. However, I’ve never expected to get it until late winter/early spring. They’re legit, they’ll just take a while to get us our gifts, like I said in my post.

  229. stephen says:

    got my ipod touch today! came via fedex. ebaying it tonight!

  230. Reed Richards says:

    Just got my Ipod Touch today as well! Thank you PollPrize and thank you Josh Clark!

  231. Jon says:

    Just found this one, I’m not sure if everyone has seen it, but it’s the 16gb ipod touch for only 4 offers, any comments on this one? I justed started this one because I’ve been waiting so long on for my brandarama ipod touch to come through


  232. Josh says:

    That’s legit. It’s by Netblue, the company that does GadgetCity.

  233. Steve says:

    Was confirmed, to be shipped back in late October and I received my touch today! This thing is great, worth the long wait.

  234. utech says:

    had the following email exchange today that I figured I would share.
    Subject: Gift tracking
    Hello. Your FAQs state, gifts will be shipped “target date of 6 to 8 weeks from the date of confirmation”. I am under this time frame but have read on some message boards that there is a backlog of about 2 – 3 months. I just wanted to know if the 6 to 8 weeks from my confirmation date is an accurate estimate.
    Thank you for contacting us.

    There are delays with all the gifts. The biggest delay is on the visas. They are a good 8 weeks behind on all other gifts.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


    [name removed]
    PollPrizeUSA Member Support

  235. Jay says:

    I was Confirmed to be Shipped back on 26th of november. Now that we know that late October’s are coming in maybe at most another month for us November people!

  236. Jay says:

    For those of who already received their touch did it include the january software update?

  237. Glen says:

    Jay- No it didn’t

  238. John says:

    Anybody get their iPod Touch that was confirmed to be shipped on November? Any status?


  239. Jay says:

    I was confirmed on the last week of november and still have not received it. Im pretty much banking on next week definitely

  240. Jon says:

    Wow, I was confirmed in early January, looks like its going to be a loooong time still for me.

  241. Jay says:

    I hope I am right with my estimation. It only makes sense….I want this thing now!!! lol

  242. utech says:

    Jay does your status show shipped yet? I just hit 8 weeks today and have sent an email asking if the delay is still another 8 weeks. I will post any reply that I get.

  243. utech says:

    well just over a month ago I was told they were 8 weeks behind, now they are not even giving an estimate…

    Hello, today marks the end of 8 weeks since my status changed to “Confirmed; to be shipped” for the 16GB iPod touch. Are fulfillments still running behind and if so can you give me an estimate on when my gift will ship? Thank you.
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Our 6-8 week fulfillment period is a target and we do make best efforts to fulfill within that period. Due to circumstances outside our control we are currently experiencing delays in gift fulfillment. At this time we cannot give you an exact shipping date for your gift. Once your gift is shipped, that fact will be indicated on your status page. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

  244. Jay says:

    No but it seems that it has taken them three months to fulfill the ipod however today was three months for me and nothing….i really hope i get it.

  245. Jon says:

    Has your status changed to “Shipping” or whatever it should changed to? Because if not, sadly it’ll still be a while

  246. Julius says:


    Just want to give a brief status. I was confirmed “Shipped” yesterday and i was confirmed back in November. I’m not sure how long the shipping will take – but those who are still waiting this should shed some light on how long the whole process takes.


  247. Jay says:

    Same here i was confirmed 11/26.. i still have no idea when ill actually get it.

  248. Jay says:

    I got it today! With software upgrade!!

  249. Julius says:


    How long did it take for them to ship the item from the item your status changed to “Shipped”?

    My status was upgraded from “Confirmed to be shipped” to “Shipped” on March 4th. Any heads up is greatly appreciated!


  250. Jay says:

    Changed to shipped on 3/4 Recieved 3/6

  251. Julius says:

    YES! I just got it! The only thing is they didn’t come with the software. Any suggestions where I can download it, anyone?

    Thanks in advance,

  252. utech says:


  253. Kevin Head says:

    Hi all,

    I finally got mine! Mine was completed back in Nov 2007.


    I posted a pic on my blog.

    Kevin H.

  254. Ag says:

    I read through almost all of this thread but I skimmed a bit so I appologize if this has be asked before:
    Some of the offers have shown up as completed and the “still to be completed” section has not changed. I wasn’t keeping track of which pages I did the offers on and I still have two more to do.
    Is Brandarama a stickler for 2 on each page or can it be 3 on one page and 1 on another?
    If that is a requirement, how can I find out which pages I have to do my last two offers on?

  255. Jon says:

    Ag, I believe you need to follow the rules completely to get your gift, so I don’t think your gift status will change unless you’ve completed 2 offers on each page. If you are unsure which offers you have left to do, I would recommend just emailing Brandarama asking them, they are usually pretty good about getting back to you quickly.

  256. utech says:

    so has anyone seen their touch ship in under 16 weeks lately? (2 weeks to go!)

  257. Jon says:

    utech, I’m at about 15 weeks and still nothing, so I should be getting mine around when you get yours. Last time I emailed them was about 2 weeks ago asking for a reasonable estimate on when I would get the ipod touch and they told me to come and check back in 2 months. Hopefully they were not serious and instead were just trying to get rid of me so I don’t bother them anymore.

  258. utech says:

    well it doesn’t look good…
    but based on comments above it appears that they are not being honest.
    My message, sent April 25, 2008.
    Previous emails stated that gift fulfillment was delayed by 6-8 weeks. Yesterday was week 16 since my status for 16GB iPod touch changed to “Confirmed; to be shipped”. Can you please update me as to the current status of gift fulfillment, are January gifts being sent out yet?
    Thank you for your time.

    Response received same day…
    Thank you for contacting us.

    We are currently experiencing huge delays in shipping, due to high demand of certain gifts and the website growing rapidly. We are exhausting our best efforts to get caught up again. We are currently on the July mailing list for the visa gift cards and the September mailing list for all other gifts.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

  259. Jon says:

    they told me the same thing on april 4th, that they were on the september list. i was a bit confused by this because some people on this blog were confirmed in november and have already received their gift, very very annoying

  260. utech says:

    17 weeks and counting since confirmation.

    I called PollPrizeUSA today via the number on the status screen. The rep told me that they are working on the September fulfillments for iPods. I stated that I know that people confirmed in Nov had received theirs and she was surprised. She stated that she did not know about expedites and that the latest update that they has was they are still working on September 07.
    I am starting to wonder if Apple will still be selling the 16GB Touch when I get mine.
    Anyone else have an update?

  261. Jon says:

    Also at 17 weeks here.

    This it what they told me on April 5th…

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Your status page show that you are on the January mailing list. We are currently on the September mailing list. I do not have access to the shipping information that you are requesting. The best advice I can give you is that you can check back in approximately 2 months and hopefully at that time we could give you a better estimate. I apologize for these delays and the inconvience that it causes you.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


    WholeSomeRewards Member Support

    It has been at least 1 month since they said they were on the September list which mean either they are not telling the truth or they are moving extremely slowly… which means for people on the January lists and later, that it could be 3 more months

  262. utech says:

    I am losing hope. I have been waiting for them to ship for 21 weeks now. I spoke to customer service yesterday via a couple emails. They insist that they are on the Sept list and don’t know why or how anyone confirmed in Oct/Nov would have their gift yet (even thought there are 5 ppl above that have). I checked pollprizeusa’s BBB report and it is not good – however I didn’t see how/where I could file a complaint. Anybody else get theirs yet?

  263. Ryan says:

    Well, good news bad news. I think some where there’s a disclaimer saying they can send a substitute prize, or subject to availability or some such wording.

    Good news is, I think there’s a class action brewing if they don’t do something.

    , awaiting shipment 6-2-2008.

    I did notice if they have “X” many days to do something, they generally do it on the “Xth” day or AFTER you complain that their window is up.

  264. utech says:

    I filed a complaint with the FTC on June 10. Today marks 24 weeks since my status changed to “Confirmed; to be shipped”.

  265. Julieq says:

    Brandarama is owned by Active Response Group, LLC in NYC. They are not a legit site. They claim you will receive your free gift in 4-6 weeks after your sponsor offer is complete. I have been waiting 6 months for my MAC laptop. Since February 2008 they have been telling me they are processing offers from September 2007. Look them up on the BBB website – I wish I had done that before I attempted to receive this offer.

    DON’T BE SCAMMED – unless you don’t mind waiting YEARS for your “free” offer.

  266. Ryan says:

    Yikes! Looks like I should have checked out the BBB! Oh well, if I don’t get it I’ll sue them, it’ll be fun as a budding young lawyer :)

    Sounds like they USED to ship them but no longer do?

  267. Ryan says:

    Hmmm. I may sue them. I got the same response. I have found their corporate address. They don’t have a registered agent, but they have an attorney listed for service by the NY SOS (I checked, he’s currently licensed). Anyone know a good NY attorney who would domesticate and execute my TX judgment cheap, lol?

  268. Ryan says:

    In the mean time, feel free to file a complaint with the FTC for Active Resources, Inc., or White Plains, NY.

  269. Jon says:

    Today marks 6 months of waiting for me. I emailed them and they gave me the same responses they always do, and that they are still on the September gift list. I somehow remember them telling me they were on the September list like 3 months ago.

  270. Denice says:

    Actually they have been on the July visa card list and other gift list for September since at least December 2007. But they do come.

  271. utech says:

    30 weeks tomorrow. I sent in an email asking for an update and got the same form letter back, even to my follow up email. “Still on September list” – that must be some list, if they are even working on fulfillments anymore.

  272. Jon says:

    7 months and waiting… They said they just started on the October list, so at least another 3 more months for me. [CTS 1/11/08]

  273. Jon says:

    I just got mine the yesterday (Shipped 9/19). Upgraded to 2nd generation, but I think I would have waited much longer if I hadn’t sent them a few emails to get them moving.

  274. utech says:

    Shipped 10/3 received 10/6 Gen2 16GB iPod Touch. listing on Craigslist tonight (since it is over a year later now, I have an iPhone.)

    My last email to PollPrizeUSA… Hello. Just heard on a forum that someone who was confirmed to be shipped on 1-11-08 just received his iPod Touch on 9-22-08, having shipped on 9-19-08. I realize that you on now on your October list and this shouldn’t be true but it is, he has posted screen shots of his dates over the months of waiting. Just wondering if I could get an estimate on how much longer…

    Their reply…
    Thank you for contacting us.
    I am not sure how this happend. We have no control over the shipping. The shipping department is the ones that tell us where they are on the shipping list.
    A request has been made to expidite your gift. This is only a request, not a guarentee. If your request has been approved you will see and update on your status page by Friday October 3rd. We are sorry for the delay and appreciate your continued patience.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.
    PollPrizeUSA Member Support


  275. Ryan says:

    They’re not coming:

    “According to our records, you may be a claimant of Brandarama. Active Response Group,
    Inc. (“ARG”) is the parent company of Brandarama. As you know, many businesses have been hurt badly by the financial downturn and the credit crunch that followed the collapse of the subprime mortgage markets. ARG, like many other firms, though not involved in any way in those activities, has seen its revenues drop dramatically. As a result, we found ourselves in very serious financial difficulty.
    Despite taking various steps to reduce our costs and preserve value, we became unable to make our debt payments to our senior lender, Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc. (“Hercules”). Hercules had lent ARG $10,000,000, which senior loans were secured by all of our assets. Since we were unable to pay our current payments, Hercules declared the loans in default and began to exercise its rights under the loan agreements and State law to recover its loans outstanding through an agreed upon asset sale process.
    Through this process, ARG is working with Hercules to complete the sale of all of ARG’s assets in an auction. In the meantime, Hercules has agreed to permit us to use its collateral to fund a bare bones operating budget in order to allow ARG to continue enough operations to be able to still seek a buyer of ARG as something like a going concern. Unfortunately, since any claims you might have are unsecured, and therefore in any liquidation scenario would be junior to the claims of Hercules, who holds a valid senior security interest in ARG’s assets and any proceeds from the sale of ARG assets, no funds have been allocated in the budget to satisfy any consumer prize claims.
    Hercules’ agents have scheduled the bidding on ARG’s assets to end on July 23. Only after the results of all of Hercules’ and ARG’s Management’s efforts to sell our assets and business are determined will we be able to say whether there will be any funds left over after Hercules applies the proceeds of any such sale to its loans outstanding. At this juncture, we cannot determine whether there will be any surplus at all. However, if there is sufficient interest by a sufficient number of bidders, it is still a possibility.
    Should you have any questions, please contact us via email at support@cs.brandarama.com. While our customer service center is no longer in operation, if we are in a legal and operational position to do so, we shall try to keep you informed of material developments in this process. We are of course very disheartened by this turn of events, as we know you must be. We thank you for your patronage and wish you the best.
    Very truly yours,
    Customer Care Department”

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