$1000 Visa for 4 Offers [Brandarama]

Yes, you read correctly. Only four offers for a $1,000 pre-paid Visa card.

This is from Brandarama, a legit company that I recently introduced. Here’s a quick rundown…

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The good: Offers will usually credit quickly, and there are a decent amount to choose from.
The bad: After your certificates are approved it could be another 6 months before you actually receive the card. But hey, it’s still a thousand bucks.

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Sign up today, because this offer is too good to last for long.
Update 10.17.07: Looks like Brandarama took down this deal. Sorry to anyone who missed out.

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188 Responses to $1000 Visa for 4 Offers [Brandarama]

  1. Dave says:

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    Is this a legit visa card that can be used anywhere or do you have to choose items from a specified list? The site makes it seem like there’s a set list of items to choose from.

  2. TS says:

    Pfft, stolen from my post in the comments of the iPod post :P

  3. TS says:

    In all seriousness, though, a couple things:

    a) There’s no rush to sign up on this offer. It’s been around for more than a year.

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    b) Brandarama is currently shipping cards from June-July, so there’s roughly a four-month delay between the time you send in your certificate and when you get the card.

    For $1000, though, it’s worth it.

  4. Ross says:

    The vertue offers credit instantly!

  5. Ross says:

    But seriously, how on EARTH do they afford this? I know they don’t get $250 per referral.

  6. Kellyn says:

    Dave raises a good point.
    The site acts like you HAVE to spend the giftcard on making a game room . lol

  7. Josh says:

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    Dave and others,
    This is a legit visa that you can use anywhere. Most gift sites will promote prepaid cards as though they’re for something, but you can use it on whatever you want.

    I did actually find and complete this site a few weeks ago, your comment just reminded me that I needed to post on it. :)

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    I encourage people to sign up soon because I’ve seen a pattern more than once with multiple companies that after I post about an offer, things will change before long because they get so much traffic and so many people signing up that they have to change something to afford it (this is why Nuitech changed their T&C). Now that I’ve posted on this, you can expect them to get rid of the offer or at least up the requirements within the coming months.

  8. McWilliams says:

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    Finished this site around middle of august ’07 and promptly did two other $500 gift card sites from Brandorama (trustedrewards and rewardsparade) which were only 3 offers each.

    Best of luck everyone!

  9. heather says:

    have you ever had any issues with signing up for an offer and canceling it before you get credit for it?

  10. MikeyJ says:

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    If you’vw done one Brandarama offer (or are currently doing one) and are going to do another, should you use the same email address or a different one?

  11. Ark says:

    The reason site requirements go up and change so frequently is because all you guys do is talk about cancellation.

  12. Josh says:

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    You are correct and I realize that this is the case. Very soon I’m going to – fortunately or unfortunately – write up a “policy” prohibiting talking about canceling offers on my site.

  13. Ark says:

    Josh, sounds like a good idea. Other than that, good people here.

  14. heather says:

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    i apologize if i offended people but i won’t sign up for an offer if i am “stuck” with it after the trial. isn’t that the whole point of getting the item for free? i never cancel immediately but let’s face it no one is signing up for these offers intending on keeping the service.

  15. I agree on banning cancellation topics says:

    would help make these sites last longer, and pop up more frequently

  16. Josh says:

    no one is pointing a finger at you. And of course most of the time we don’t plan on keeping the service. Everyone knows that. There just needs be more moderation on the topic. I’ve let it get a little out of hand on my site.

  17. heather says:

    Have you done the tickle offer? I am trying to figure out if the survey is the offer? It said it was free but after a lengthy survey you have the option to buy they survey…confusing!

  18. Bethany says:


    I dont go in to EVERY offer intending to cancel. There are some that I know that I will not use, but there are a few sites that I have kept my membership with after the free trial is up just because I tried and really liked the services they offered. Keep an open mind and you might find something you could really use!

  19. Ark says:

    Heather, It costs 12.95 you have to buy the test.

  20. Bethany says:

    Does anyone have any experience with the HOME BUSINESS SYSTEM from Page 3? I am running out of offers to do and that looks like one option. It is around $50 initially, but it says it has a 90-day return policy. Has anyone ever returned the product and got their money (minus S&H, of course) back?

  21. Bethany says:

    That or the Slot Machines Mastery offer- they both offer refunds if you arent satisfied, and although I dont mind spending up to $20 or so for an offer, I’d rather not spend $50 on something I do not want at all.

  22. Rachel Gleave says:

    This is one crazy deal! I hope all my offers go through! Does it matter if I do some of the same offers I completed a couple months ago on a different site? Just curious. Thanks again Josh!

  23. Bethany says:


    You cannot do an offer more than once in a 6 month period.

  24. Steven says:

    That’s insane… I might send you a gift this Christmas.

  25. Josh says:

    lol. Thanks Steven. :)

  26. Bill says:

    Is the 6 month rule a Brandarama thing or each individual vendor? Say I did at home rewards with Nuitech 9 months ago is that ok or is at home rewards going to kick my offer back?

  27. Bill says:

    Another question….I’m not seeing anything about the # per address, person, etc. I’m assuming 1 per person, but I wonder if my wife can do it too?? Anyone tried?

  28. Ark says:


    Your wife can also do the site

  29. Matt says:

    I concur with Ark. I’ve now done the 1K card for me and my wife. Just used her email and her name for signing up.

  30. Dave says:

    Well, just gave this one a try since it was only 4 offers. I did tickle, emusic, onlingo, and trilegiant…cost me 7 bucks so far for things I kinda want anyways…I hope I get my 20 dollar gift card from trilegiant. That’ll make this deal really sweet.

  31. Ark says:

    trilegiant still hasn’t credited for me

  32. CodyMeister says:

    hey does anyone have problems loading the page for Brandarama?

  33. whitetyce says:

    Do you just have to make a free account with tickle??? seems to easy.

  34. Ark says:


    You have to pay for the test at the end, $12.95 I believe.

  35. whitetyce says:

    I just did

    Tickle, but have to go back and pay for the test. Anyone else have any info on tickle, Ark did you get credit from them?




    I didn’t do the cheapest one because I wanted to save those for when I do the 42 plasma tv. How long did these take for others to credit?

  36. Rachel says:

    So can your spouse complete the same offers you have completed recently or ones that you have done within the last 6 months?

  37. FreudChicken says:

    Bill’s question (#26) is still unanswered. I’m curious about this as well – I’d like to do this and the Plasma TV, and if the TV is the only one with the “6 month rule,” I should do it first and then immediately do this one. Any thoughts?

  38. Bethany says:

    I believe if you have completed an offer, through ANY site, you CANNOT repeat it within a 6 month time period.

  39. FreudChicken says:

    Well, some of the sites stipulate an amount of time, i.e. Great Fun has a 60 day “memory,” and Shopping Essentials has a 12 month memory. I mean by this that you can’t enroll in their programs within 60 days or 12 months, respectively, per their own terms and conditions. I’m more curious about whether YourTopBrands/Brandarama has any rule to this effect. As far as I can tell, the 6 month thing seems to be a widely applied assumption based on what I-deal says.

  40. Ark says:

    No credit for tickle yet, look for the offers to go complete tomorrow.

  41. Bethany says:

    So far I have only completed Tickle & YourMusic.

  42. whitetyce says:

    Ok, completed the tickle one by buying the test, thanks Ark, thought just signing up for a free account was to easy. Josh how long did it take for your offers to go through? Hopefully I’ll have my money around my birth day, and my tv before New Years.

  43. Rachel says:

    Just to let you all know, I signed up for blockbuster a month or two ago and I kept it for the first month and then canceled. I just signed up for it again for one of my page 3 offers and it credited within one day.

  44. James says:

    Do you have to buy the tickle. It says it is free? However the test was pretty fun.

  45. Ark says:


    Yes, you have to buy the tickle test 12.95

  46. tferrero says:

    I signed up tonight and completed 4 offers. This sounds way too good to be true!

  47. whitetyce says:

    So what I’m hearing is that my wife can do this offer with a diffrent credit card and email address?

  48. lovingfree says:

    Where do you sign up for the 12.95 for the tickle? The only thing I saw was 19.95.

  49. whitetyce says:

    You have to take the tickle IQ test then at the end of the test there is a place where you sign up for a 2 week membership.

  50. Michelle says:

    Hi All,

    I’ve done many of the sites listed on this website and I’ve had really good luck. I signed up for the 1000.00 gift card last night. I always wait for a confirmation email before I start the offers but I have not received one yet. Should I have received an email? Second problem is I don’t know what web address to go back to so that I can check my account. Thanks for any help!

  51. Josh says:

    You won’t get a confirmation email, so you can go ahead and start your offers.
    You can go here to check your status:

  52. Bill says:

    has anyone completed offers and recieved credit for the offer (ie it says Vertrue Privacy Matters: completed
    ), but down where it lists the page numbers it still says I have 1 offer to complete on all the pages? I’ve had 2 offers click to completed status, but all 4 pages still say complete 1 offer? My wife’s page changed to Page 1 : Offer Completed….while mine says Page 1 : 1 Offer (as well as all the other pages)…sorry for rambling, but wanted to try and explain it.

  53. whitetyce says:

    All mine have credited except tickle, I have a conformation email from them and they say that they report credit in 1 day. How has tickle worked out for other people?

  54. Ark says:


    Tickle credited for me a few minutes ago. But great fun did not.

  55. whitetyce says:

    How long did it take from the time you purchased the test online? A day, a week?

  56. Bethany says:

    I received a confimation email after joining, but it went to my spam box.

  57. Josh says:

    The list of what is left to be completed is something they are still working on. You can ignore it.

  58. Ark says:


    It took 4 days

  59. FreudChicken says:

    Does anyone know if this company has a limit to how many accounts can be opened from the same I.P. address? My girlfriend might do this all at my house, but still put her own place as the shipping address. Reason I ask is that some companies (i-deal, i think) notice that, and on my status page it has my I.P. displayed.

  60. Bethany says:

    Tickle credited for me in 2 days.

  61. Matt says:

    So I did the tickle offer but at the time I did not buy the test at the end. So last night I went back and paid the $19.95 membership. Anyone know if thats ok? I know I might’ve spent a lil more money but look at the reward.

  62. Ark says:

    Matt, that should work, give it a week

  63. spencer says:

    If you are looking for quick credits, I did:
    Tickle.com (p. 1): Reports in 1 day.
    The 2007 Entertainment Book (p. 4): Reports in 1 to 7 days.
    eMusic (p. 2): Reports in 1 day.
    Your Music (p. 3): Reports in 1 to 7 days.

    They all say they will be credited within 7 days, we will see. Most of them are things I am interested also.

  64. FreudChicken says:

    1. Josh, is there a forum on your site where we can post or respond to more specific questions?

    2. Does anyone know about trying for this gift card a second time with your own name and info? I don’t see any prohibition of this anywhere in the EULA or Gift Rules. Normally it says “one per household” or something along those lines. Of course, if I try to do this twice, I’ll wait until I get my first gift card so as not to somehow disqualify myself from both.

  65. Josh says:

    I am finishing up a forum that I will make publicly available sometime this week.

  66. Suzy says:

    For anyone that did onlingo, is the trail period 14 days or 10? In the email I received, it said 10 days but in the T&C, it said 14. TIA :)

  67. James says:


    I would go by the earlier date. Decide if you want it or not within 10 days.

  68. Nicky P says:

    I received confirmation 2 days ago and sent in the W-9 and Claim to get the visa. How do we know for sure that they received the stuff? Will it change from Completed to Shipped or something similar?

  69. Josh says:

    Yes, your status will change to “Confirmed; to be shipped” a little while after they’ve received the forms and processed them.

  70. Grant says:

    What page is the living christian offer on, I completed it, did not get credit yet and I forgot to write down what the terms and stuff were…..DOH!

  71. Grant says:

    So I was wondering if the status for anyone else’s page is like this or was like this. I submitted a help ticket to see what YourTopBrands says, I would just like to know what you all think….

    “Vertrue Shopping Essentials (p. 4): completed
    Living Christian: completed
    At Home Rewards: completed
    Still need to complete:
    Page 1: 1 offer
    Page 2: 1 offer
    Page 3: 1 offer
    Page 4: Offers Complete”

  72. McBride says:

    Has anyone gone through the taxes at the end of the year? How must do you normally pay?
    Josh, is dealing with taxes easy?

  73. Mikey J says:

    I haven’t dealt with the taxes yet, but it should be pretty simply.

    Each company should send you a tax form indicating the value of your “gifts”. You then report them as such on your taxes. I believe they are effectively taxed as additional income (although I’m not sure if it’s added to your gross or your taxable).

    Now, the tricky part is if you don’t get the forms from the various companies (Niutech, NetBlue, etc). If you don’t, you can roll the dice and assume said company never filed a form with the IRS either and try to carry on as though nothing happened. If they did file the form with the IRS and you get audited, you’ll pay. Otherwise, you can claim the additional income from the gifts without supporting documentation.

  74. Ark says:


    Just looks like you need one more offer? Shows you have 3 completed. The bottom part is new and not yet perfected.

  75. Ark says:

    Dealing with taxes are easy. The amount paid will be different for everyone. Believe me these companies will report this to the IRS so you don’t have to worry about them not. At the end of the tax year you’ll get a 1099 form I believe in the mail, you will need that for your taxes. Very simple process.

  76. heather says:

    has anyone actually received the gift card yet?

  77. Josh says:

    No, and it will probably be a while. On bigger gifts like this I hear Brandarama can take 4-6 months to ship.

  78. Terry says:

    I signed up for all 4 offers on 10/11, received confirmation for all 4 by 10/13 and sent the claim form and W-9 in today (10/15). I was very impressed with how fast my offers were credited. I will let you know when I receive the gift. I decided to also sign up for the $1000 Circuit City gift card which requires 10 offers. Has anybody else signed up for this too?

  79. Gordon says:

    Which sites seem to credit the fastest?

    Are there any that are taking too long to credit?

  80. Amanda says:

    From what I can tell, you don’t have to pay anything for Tickle. Just take the free survey for credit, and then purchasing the full results is totally optional.

  81. Dave says:

    I haven’t gotten crediited for tickle. I tried the free survey. Then after not getting credit for a few days, got the 13 dollar test results. 3 days after that, still no credit. I am still waiting on my trilegiant credit as well.

  82. FreudChicken says:

    This probably won’t make a difference, but the W-9 you download from the site is an old revision (Rev. November 2005). If you go to http://www.irs.gov you can download the W-9 Rev. September 2007. I had to do it anyway because there was a software glitch with Safari when I tried printing the 2005 revision W-9.

  83. Ark says:

    For tickle, you have to buy the test. It seems like store giftcards take about 2 months after your are confirmed to ship. Other things will take about 4-6 months. Trilegiant credited for me on monday.

  84. Bethany says:

    Im glad some of your all are having good luck with this company. It is so frustrating to have only 2 offers go through and then have to wait a month and a half in order to receive manual credit.

  85. James says:

    Has anybody received credit from tickle after they went back later and purchased the test results?

  86. CodyMeister says:

    hey i think i messed up. the sign up process messed up so i tried again with a different email. how do i ‘opt out’, unregister, or delete my account, or whatever?

  87. Ark says:

    You can’t delete an account. But just call support and see what to do. Most likely they will tell you not to use the original account and work on the current one.

    Manual credit isn’t very good on with this company, it’s not guaranteed at all. I would say if an offer doesn’t credit within 2-3 weeks do more.

  88. Bethany says:


    I would have except I am running out of offers to do. It looks like I am going to have to just cross my fingers and hope they will credit me.

  89. Kellyn says:

    Im having the same problem bethany.
    Really sucks

  90. Tom says:

    Today my offers all went through and i printed out my forms to get my gift card…now if only the iTouch i started 3 weeks ago would go through…

  91. Whitetyce says:

    I signed up for tickle and paid for the test after I signed up for the offer and still have not recived credit for my offer. What do you think I should do? Anyone

  92. Mike S says:

    Tom, can you tell us what offers you did? Thanks!

  93. McBride says:

    So how much I am looking at paying in taxes?

  94. Jamie says:

    Has anyone had trouble with E music or Netflix crediting ? I’ve completed all my offers a week ago , and still no credit for these two.

  95. Ark says:

    I completed Emusic last Tuesday and got credit on that Friday.

  96. Ark says:

    I’m sorry, I completed Emusic on last Tuesday and it credited next day.

  97. FreudChicken says:

    Emusic took 2 days for me. It only credited after they sent me a confirmation email and i logged in to my account.

    I didn’t do Netflix this time around, but I remember there were a lot of complaints about them taking forever to credit when people were working on the Macbook Pro.

    I did Onlingo, Trilegiant Great Fun, E Music, and Critic’s choice. Trilegiant took 4 busienss days to credit, Emusic took 2. The others credited the next day.

  98. Jamie says:

    If I were having problems getting credits, could I just do another offer or two instead of manual credits? Would that count towards what I have already done?

  99. kb says:

    I did my offers( critics choice, emusic, great fun and quickbooks start up) on last friday and saturday and they still haven’t showed up.

  100. Ark says:


    Sure you can do more offers, just make sure you do them on the correct page.

    I’m willing to bet most of those offers will credit this friday.

  101. jamie says:

    Thanks Ark and FreudChicken for your help… I think i’m gonna wait til Fri. as well to see what happens.

  102. Beaux Gangles says:

    When I click the link above, I get an offer for a $200 Aeropostale gift card or a $1000 Circuit City gift card. Where did the $1000 for 4 offers go?

  103. Josh says:

    I said it would go quick. Looks like it did. Sorry you missed out, but if there’s another great offer like that, you’ll be sure to find it posted here.

  104. Ark says:

    Yep, offer is dead for the people who missed it.

  105. Beaux Gangles says:

    Looks like I caught it just in time. I signed up earlier this morning. What is the fax address to send W-9 we send our W-9 to?

  106. Ark says:


    You mail it with your paper forms.

  107. Nicky P says:

    What page do we go to again to check to see our status because I already was credited and sent in my forms

  108. Kellyn says:

    Hey josh ive been waitng for like a week for my last offer to complete… i did two more offers to make it faster and am waiting for one of them to go through.
    If I havent completed does that mean its too late ? OR since I signed up am I ok

  109. Ark says:


    Since you signed up you are fine. Look for your offers to credit on friday.

  110. Kellyn says:

    ok thanks alot Ark

  111. Mitch says:

    I did four offers: eMusic, Great Fun, Your Music, and Critic’s Choice, on Sunday…and none have credited yet. The last one of these sites I did was for the MacBook Pro, so I was expecting quick completion. I hope that Brandarama makes good on this one. I submitted a ticket to them.

  112. heather says:

    i signed up for an account but have yet to start my offers, do you think it is too late?

  113. Josh says:

    If you created an account before the offer went down you should be fine, even if you didn’t already complete offers.

  114. heather says:

    thanks josh, too bad i didn’t create more the one account:)

  115. Albert says:

    Just wanted to double check – for Tickle, you just needed to do the survey and not purchase anything. I was reading all the comments and some said you had to purchase a test while others said you didn’t.

  116. Bethany says:

    I’m still waiting for Scholastic and Yourmusic.com to credit. It has been 8 days.

  117. Ark says:


    You have to buy the test.

  118. Ross says:

    Woohoo! Finally got all my credits!
    For the record, I did:

    Grant Consultant
    Shopping Essentials (Signs you up for Saving Smart too)
    Privacy Matters

    It would have been cheaper except that I signed up for a bunch of stuff already for the plasma TV.

  119. Ross says:

    Oh yeah, Privacy Matters signs you up for Saving Smart as well. You only need to cancel it once though.

  120. SLT says:

    Ross (or anyone who knows), how much did Grant Consultant cost? How long until they credited?

  121. Mitch says:

    Watch out for Onlingo. From past experience, they are a pain to cancel – long hold times and lots of CSRs who won’t shut up.

  122. Bethany says:

    I had no problem canceling Onlingo or Living Christian (owned by the same people)

    Now purity mineral….If you want to hang out on hold with especially crappy hold music, that is the way to go.

  123. kb says:

    Will I get burned for not putting in my real home phone number? I just got confirmed and I used one of those private phone voicemail numbers. I would like to know before I turn in the paperwork.

  124. Bethany says:


    No, you should not. Make sure to check it to see if any relevant phone calls come through though. I used my cell phone number (big mistake) and had to make them put me on the no call list because of it.

  125. mICHELLE hART says:

    Hi All,

    I’m working on the 4 offers (2 have been credited).

    I am moving in about 2 months. How should I handle this? If the gift card doesn’t ship for 4 to 6 months what should I do? I will still be at my current address when I complete the offers but I’ll be somewhere else when they ship. I’ll be having my mail forwarded…do you think that will take care of it?

  126. Rachel says:

    I just got all 4 approved yesterday! Can’t wait for my $1000!!! Here are the offers I completed-
    pg.1-grant consultant $4.87
    pg.2-clever clasps $20.98
    pg.3-blockbuster $9.99
    pg.4-perfectlitter $3.95
    They were all credited after 9 days! Can’t wait to start the tv…

  127. Stacey says:

    Hi all!
    Just wanted to chime in here and say that after starting this offer about 5 months ago, my gift card arrived a week ago!
    One thousand beautiful plastic dollars. :)

    And now, I’m addicted to these promotions. LOL.

  128. Sharon says:

    Question – I sent the claim forms in yesterday and then realized that when I printed them off the logo “Your Top Brands and my e-mail and a number” that were at the bottom of page 1 on the computer screen did not print. Has anyone else noticed this? Therefore, my e-mail is not on the form anywhere – just my name addres and phone number. Would appreciate any input. Thanks.

  129. Josh says:

    Yeah, the image on the page doesn’t show up properly. It’s fine though, it’s an old glitch and it’s not a problem.

  130. Sharon says:

    Thanks Josh!!

  131. Al S. says:

    Anyone have the website for Trilegiant Great Fun? I seem to have lost my way back and I would like to check up on my subscription?

  132. spencer says:

    i completed tickle.com survey then went back an hour later and bought the test. that was on oct 12th. My credit card has been charged, but i have not received credit. yourtopbrands said they have up to 30 days to report the credit to them, i guess i have to wait…..

  133. whitetyce says:

    spencer, i did the same thing. i don’t think it will credit, i just did another offer.

  134. spencer says:

    thats what i was wondering, i guess paying a few more dollars wouldn’t hurt to get the giftcard.

  135. Ark says:

    If your offers don’t credit within 2-3 weeks… do more.

  136. Bethany says:

    I just got credit for Disney Book Club (completed on 10/10)

    Hopefully yourmusic will credit- I am running reeeaelly low on offers that I can complete ever since the plasma TV offer.

  137. Clint says:

    I’m confused by what the status page is telling me:

    The 2007 Entertainment Book (p. 4): completed
    eMusic: completed
    Your Music: completed
    Tickle.com: completed

    Still need to complete:
    Page 1: 1 offer
    Page 2: 1 offer
    Page 3: 1 offer
    Page 4: Offers Complete!

    But it has the confirmation button which allows me to print all of the prize forms.

    Have I completed this or not?

  138. 2deal4 says:

    all credits given
    ivory white

    took one week

  139. Bethany says:


    You have completed all of the requirements. The bottom part is a recent addition that they havent worked all of the bugs out of yet. Congrats and enjoy your “free” visa!

  140. deals4me says:

    hi Bethany,

    completing yourmusic offer means, do we need to buy cd from them or just creating account.

  141. Ark says:

    Yes, You have to buy a cd from yourmusic for 6.99

  142. 2deal4 says:

    It’s only $6.99 and there are great albums on their and you can stop you membership anytime and start it up if you ever want an entire album. It really is a good service.

  143. deals4me says:


  144. Bethany says:

    Well everyone I just wanted to let you all know that I was finally approved today. Yourmusic never confirmed for me (I paid the $6.99 membership and got a CD from my queue and bought an additional CD)- but I am not too worried because that is a great price for the CDs I wanted. I completed an additional offer yesterday and it credited today. My offers were

    Tickle- 1st Page
    Scholastic’s Disney Club – 2nd Page
    Shopping Essentials – 3rd Page
    YourMusic – 4th Page
    Ecology Cat Litter – 4th Page (make up)

    Now for the wait! I should have it right in time for my next birthday (in May) if it takes as long as it has been rumored to lately.

  145. heather says:

    Has anyone had issues with disney or scholastic crediting? i signed up for both but i got credit for interactive kids and i don’t know which one that is and which one still hasn’t credited.

  146. Stephen says:

    just got chewed out by the rep at Avela (Central Coast Nutraceuticals)…they’re not happy about people trying their products then immediately cancelling them…they said I am never allowed to buy from their company again…I never opened their product and they could easily send it to someone else…companies have to know that if they are going to put their product on incentive sites, people will be trying to get a free gift, not always their products. I have kept products I tried on sites, but I am in no need of this product, and it was the only one I was able to do on the certain page…all this to say this…if you want to keep from getting chewed out, don’t buy from Central Coast…they’re trying to tell me it cost them 100 bucks to take me as a customer…it costs them 1.65 and an envelope…i send them back their product unopened…i don’t get it.

  147. Josh says:

    It may very well have cost them $100. Remember, those companies are the ones paying Brandarama for your $1000 visa.

  148. Josh says:

    And by the way, be sure to return that trial bottle. If you don’t, they’ll charge you another 40 bucks. I learned the hard way.

  149. 2deal4 says:

    A buddy of mine signed up for their product and they started asking him if he knew other people from the same city. Some of who he worked with. It was crazy…so much for their privacy policy.

  150. Whitetyce says:

    Uh-oh, I have 3 packages at home that I have to cancel from them. I returned the colopure about ten days ago and he was nasty with me then. I bet about 50 people have canceled since then. There gonna rip me a new one. Could I just call once and have them cancel all my accounts with them at the same time? I know you could do this with great fun and Co.
    I think that one guys does all the returns because I called one day at closing and he answered and pressured me into trying the product for the trial period, and stupidly I said I would. I called the next day right when they opened and he answered again! that dude must be there for 12 hours a day! Hopefully he’s on vacation tomorrow.

  151. Ark says:

    That guy is the main guy there, he’s not nice

  152. Stephen says:

    @ Whitetyce: you could try to cancel them all, but he’s not going to like it…like i said, i’ve been banned from the company, so i would say you probably aren’t far behind me…

  153. Roguespear says:

    Ok, I started working on a $500 gift card from YourTopBrands last night. I completed 3 offers, but my status page still reads:

    Still need to complete:
    Page 1: 1 offer
    Page 2: 1 offer
    Page 3: 1 offer

    Is that normal? Will it stay that way until my offers credit?

  154. Kellyn says:

    Has anyone been confirmed yet?
    I sent my cert in over two weeks ago and im still not confirmed…. just wondering if anyone has had any luck

  155. Stephen says:

    I have been confirmed.

  156. Josh says:

    I was also confirmed around the time I put this post up. But I’m not expecting the card for several months.
    Will update this post when I do finally get it.

  157. Michelle says:

    Stephen and Josh,

    After you sent in your claim form and w9, how long was it before you got confirmed? Thanks!


  158. kellyn says:

    michelle mine took about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks

  159. Gina says:

    Im having trouble with perfect litter….I did it 22 days ago and still not credited. I guess I’ll have to wait another 8 days to get credit….im afraid to cancel my shipments even though I’ve fulfilled my trial obligations.

  160. Sara Monster says:

    I completed the Trilegiant offer and received my two $10 gas gift cards to Exxon Mobil.

    Rougespear- That is normal for them to list the
    “Page 1:1 offer” it is just like a note for you to know you only need 1 offer from each page. It does not mean that you still need to do 1 offer from each page.

  161. Sara Monster says:

    I have been waiting for 3 weeks for eMusic and Netflix to come back as complete. When all four are complete, does a button pop up to print something and then you mail it in to get the card?

  162. Beaux Gangles says:

    I’ve also been waiting since Oct. 11th for eMusic to complete. My other 3 went through the next day. After 30 days, I will send them a copy of my confirmation email from eMusic for credit.

  163. Ross says:

    $1000 Visa Gift Card
    Confirmed; to be shipped!!!!!

    Netflix credited for me, and eMusic worked for the plasma TV. A button shows up on your status page when all your offers work.

  164. heather says:

    How long after you mailed in your confirmation did you get confirmed?

  165. ven says:

    completed offers

    4.Quickbooks home kit

    tody i got the ‘CONFIRM’ link and maild forms.

    THANK YOU josh :)

  166. Ross says:

    It was about 3 weeks. I sent it snail mail.

  167. heather says:

    Thank you! Please let us know when it arrives in the mail!

  168. karis says:

    i am still in the process of finishing the $1000 visa…does anyone know if yourtopbrands gives manual credit, or should i just do another offer?? also, should i make sure the new offer is on the same page as the old offer (that didnt complete) or does that matter? thanks!

  169. ven says:


    i think they give manual credit, but shoud complete 30 days.if u go for new offer make sure that u complete on the same page as the old offer.

  170. ven says:

    $825 NORDSTROM GIFT CARD for 4 offers, from Brandarama

    does anyone interested?

  171. spencer says:

    thanks, any other good deals anyone?

  172. ladyfiesta says:

    i did this one too. now waiting for my visa gift card =)

  173. Jon says:

    I just now got my last offer to credit. It’s not too late to send the forms in, is it? My fourth offer never credited so I ended up doing another one and it just took me a long time to get everything done. I should be good, right?

  174. sarah says:

    how much do you have to spend on each of the offers?

  175. Josh says:

    It really varies a lot. There are offers that are free, a few dollars, and hundreds of dollars. Most are in the few dollar range or like 30 at the most.

  176. Jose says:

    anyone receive any updates on this offer?? or are we all still “confirmed” for shipment??

  177. Barb says:

    Be prepared, kids…1099′s from Active Response Group AKA Brandarama/YourTopBrands, etc… are showing up. If you filled one out at any point for this company (required for any gift valued at $600+), you will be paying taxes on any and all gifts received (as you should), but they are also including gifts that have not been received yet from not only 2007, but 2008 as well.

    I have 2 cards yet to be shipped from 2007 and three that magically went complete and confirmed to be shipped very quickly in January that have been included.

    Reports on other message boards also include those who are just getting figures seemingly pulled from thin air and the amount is being reported in the wrong box on the 1099 so it is included as a type of self-employment income vs. a gift and subject to self-employment/social security taxes.

  178. Emrys says:

    Humm…wonder if I should wait to do my taxes or not?

  179. Jerry says:

    I completed all of my offers and submitted my certificate which was approved. Now the website says this offer has expired. Does anyone have any experience with this and does anyone know if I’ll still get paid?

  180. Ross says:

    jeez… did this forever ago and still nothing. Smells like a scam.

  181. Josh says:

    It’s not a scam. People are getting their $1k visas all the time…it’s just that they’re REALLY backed up cause they had a TON more people sign up than they expected and its taking them time to get everyone paid.

  182. Michelle says:

    Hi Ross (and Josh),
    I’ve been waiting for over a year. I was confirmed on November 15th, 2007. This is the first thing I did from Brandarama. After that I also completed sites for a grill, a 500.00 lowes card, and a 100.00 visa card. I’ve not received any of them. I’ll be happy if it ever shows up but I’m not holding my breath. Their sites still tell people that gifts will ship in 4 to 6 weeks. I would have understood if they would have just said something like “hey we messed up and we’re sorry but you won’t get your gift til such and such date”. I’m a patient person but waiting over a year is insane. Like I said, I’ll be happy if the gifts ever show up but I won’t be doing any of these sites again until they do. I’m a bit soured by them. Josh, when were you confirmed and when did you get your 1000.00?

  183. Danica says:

    I just spoke with Brandarama, they are still processing Oct. 2007 for gift cards not visa check cards etc (I believe that is still on July 2007, which they have been processing for over a year). They have been processing Oct. since Aug. I have received a ton of gifts through Brandarama but it has never taken over a year, usually 6 months. I would say expect your gift in about 4-6 years not 4-6 weeks. Anybody have a number to get any better answers?

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