The Forum Is Now Open

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Since blog comment systems aren’t really meant to handle massive amounts of discussion, I’ve created a forum to make it easier for everyone to communicate and discuss everything about freebie networks.
This adds many benefits, including: searching through massive amounts of information really easily, and contacting other users via PM (Private Message) without having to post publicly.

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We’ve already been using the forum for discussion and organization of our plasma tv conga line, but I’ve added topic groups for each of the freebie networks posted about on the site, and some others as well.

Please continue to use the blog comments, but I encourage you to ask questions and discuss in the forum now instead.

Get chatting!

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3 Responses to The Forum Is Now Open

  1. Bethany says:

    Way to go, Josh!

  2. k-rock says:

    That is brilliant!

  3. whitetyce says:

    Now for the MBP! I’ve been checking all week, drop it on us Josh.

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