It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane

Hey everyone! Miss me? Your lives will be dull no longer.

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Well, the summer’s over and I’m back at UK now. Classes started on Wednesday, August 25th and I’m back in the swing of things. Last year I had chosen Computer Science as my major, which has a primary focus of computer programming (writing software for computers). After taking a few classes it began getting on my nerves and I decided I definitely didn’t want to do that for a living. This semester I’m taking a few classes in Telecommunications to focus more on digital media, such as web design, graphics, and video. I’m also taking a required English class, a Geology course and a Geography class. None of them should be too difficult, but more time consuming with a lot of papers to write.

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I jumped back into things at CSF right away. I’m helping out with a program for freshmen on Monday evenings, doing a study on the book Defending Your Faith by RC Sproul on Tuesday afternoons, a Bible study of II Timothy on Wednesday nights, and then there’s our regular service for everyone, Synergy, on Thursday nights. I’m also running PowerPoint in Synergy some weeks, and just helping out with general computer stuff at CSF when needed.

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I’m currently looking around for a part-time job somewhere. Nothing too much, just 10-15 hours a week or so. I had an interview with a company last week for a computer tech position, but they wanted many more hours than I could afford to work. Yesterday I sent out a resume to another company for a tech position that only wants 10-15 hours a week, so I’m hoping that works out. If not, I’ll just have to keep looking.

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Over the summer I worked full time for my grandpa in Columbus at his beverage distribution company. I worked in the warehouse mostly, running the forklift. The other employees made it fun to work there; we’d give each other a hard time about everything and pull the occasional prank. My second-to-last day of work they finally got me back for my jesting by filling my entire car with balloons – 130 to be exact – and wrapping streamers around the whole thing. A sign in the windshield read “Revenge is best served cold.” Overall I’d say it’s the best job I’ve ever had.

And now, the first of many tales of the adventures of a college student:

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Friday in an hour break I have between classes I was back at the dorm fixing lunch. I had bought a microwaveable dish of Chinese sweet & sour chicken and rice. It has to be microwaved for five minutes and then left sit to cool for one. The microwave is sitting on a shelf directly above my desk, and I had just opened the door to let my food cool for that one minute. Leaving the door open, it extends beyond the shelf and hangs directly above my desk. I told myself, “Josh, if you leave this door open you’re going to hit your head on it,” but reassuring myself that I would remember it was open, I sat back down at my computer to wait for my food to cool. A minute (or two) passed and I stood promptly from my chair to retrieve my Chinese’hitting my head square on the open microwave door.

But wait, it gets better . . .

The impact of my head on the door caused the microwave to leap an inch or two from the shelf, catapulting the glass sugar shaker sitting atop it into the air. I moved my head from under the door just in time for the sugar shaker to nail my already-sore noggin. The glass shaker then fell to my desk before rolling off the edge, falling once more to the floor several feet below. Upon its final landing, the top of the shaker broke open, pouring a mound of sugar onto my carpet. I began laughing (while rubbing my head) and sat down to survey the damage. Sugar now covered my desk, part of my bed and the ruffled hair on my head, besides the pile of it lying on the carpet. I got out the vacuum and cleaned up my mess, then sat down to enjoy my much-earned Chinese lunch.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you all enjoy reading my updates as much as I enjoy writing them.

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