Shop FreePay Shutting Down

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Gratis Internet’s site Shop FreePay, having existed in beta for quite some time, has decided to close its doors. They are accepting no new users, and current users cannot add new products to their accounts.

However, current users are allowed to finish completing gifts they have already started working on.

Here is a portion of an email I received from Shop FreePay yesterday:

We decided to ramp down Shop FreePay so that we could focus on our referral-based sites.

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First of all, let me state that nobody is going to ‘lose credits’. Existing users of Shop FreePay will still be able to get all the products they are working on. But they will not be able to start new products and new users will not be able to sign up; instead they will be encouraged to try the referral FreePay sites. The updated website went live a few moments ago.

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For the past year, we’ve given people two ways to earn free products: the referral model (do one offer, refer X friends) and the DIY model (do X offers and no referrals). What we’ve learned is that the referral model is easier for consumers to understand, and that’s where we will be focusing our attention. This move will allow us to give away more free stuff than we do now.

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18 Responses to Shop FreePay Shutting Down

  1. jared says:

    good shop freepay is dump anyway

  2. BuckyBabbs says:

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    Hahaha. Thats rich. “. This move will allow us to give away more free stuff than we do now”. That’s the best thing I’ve ever read. Its sooo true and real. I mean, I totally believe it.

  3. TJ says:

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    That sucks, but we’ve seen it coming. SFP was a great site, was really damn fast, and is probably the best organized out of all the sites I’ve done.

    Things I got from them:
    Guitar Hero 2
    Nintendo DS Lite
    40″ 1080p LCD TV
    10.0 MP Canon digital camera

    Amount I spent: $158

  4. mac ross says:

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    Bogus. How is the referral model easier to understand? I think what they mean is the referral model is harder to complete and they don’t make as much money from the diy method because it’s easier to do.

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    I hate to see it happen, as I really like SFP and hoped that the site would grow. It was better than any other diy site I had ever seen. Oh well. Thanks for the update Josh.

  5. Michelle says:

    Hi All,

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    I’m working on an award and only need one item to credit and I will be done. Does anyone know if ShopFreePay does manual credits if something doesn’t credit?


  6. karis says:

    yes, the do give manual credit… have you tried contacting them?

  7. Nora says:

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    Hi Josh. I completed all my offers back in September. My item was out of stock and the customer service rep offered an amazon gift certificate. I accepted and was told my order was given to the fulfillment team. This was October 19. I’ve sent 6-7 emails (to and through their site) since then asking for a status on my order but I haven’t received a response. Do you have another way of contacting them?

  8. Josh says:

    I don’t have a way of contacting them that I can give you. Sorry.

  9. paikj says:

    Hey Josh, quick question for ya.

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    It’s been months since I received credit for an item, and even longer since they’ve updated any of the B offers. I say this as I’m unable to signup for Rising Star because it seems to be affiliated with Overnight Genius. This is the only B offer they have left, and it looks like I’m at a deadend. Would I be able to get manual credit if I order with a phone call instead?

    Also, I notice on the front page it says you have 90 days to complete the offers in order to receive the free item. However, I also noticed that everytime you get credit for an offer, that timer reset. Do you know how SFP calculates the time spent on completing offers? As of now, this is what my status is:

    Added on: 6/19/2007 2:08:30 PM
    Expires in 27 days

    Am I still eligible to receive anything?


  10. Nora says:

    Hi Josh, if its not too much trouble, is there a way you could notify your contact (CEO, etc.)? Not sure why its so difficult to get a response and my gift certificate. Responses were fast up to the point it was handed off to the fulfillment team. After that, nothing. Thanks Josh.

  11. BuckyBabbs says:

    Hey There Nora,
    I don’t mean to stick my nose where it don’t belong but cmon, Your pushing it by asking Josh to help you. He stated already where he stands with being able to help you. Lets us all just be grateful that Josh takes his time on updating the site, starting conga lines and helping all of us riffraff. Shopfreepay can be an S.O.B. I know (trust me, I know) but what I would do if I were you is begin the war of emails that you need to send every day. Send pdf. files of all the offers you have done, copies of all the emails, etc, etc. All in all….just begin badgering the hell out of them. I promise if you have fulfilled all your user obligations, so will they. It takes time but they will come around.

  12. mark says:

    Perhaps this time they will improve their customer support on the sites they’re best known for.

  13. Julie says:

    I too was offered an Amazon gift certificate because I cannot access my account and I am only 2 offers away from completeing! I am not sure whether or not I should accept that or not,but what is my alternative if I dont?

  14. Josh says:

    All things considered, it would probably be wise to take the gift card.

  15. Michelle says:

    Well, good news!!! I got my final offer credited and got my gift 2 days later!!!


  16. Martin says:

    It was good while it lasted, they needed more offers, it was literally impossible to finish some of the highest priced gifts.

  17. Kelly says:


    I finally completed my offers for an Xbox Elite and was told my Gift Certificate would be e-mailed to me within 5 business days of Jan. 25th…still nothing, and they have stopped responding to my e-mails. I guess they just completely screwed me.

    If anyone else like me was still working to finish offers I suggest you don’t waste your time and $.

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