I Still Eat Fire

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Can you say busy??
Sorry it’s been a while, everybody. Seems like when schoolwork hits, it hits all at once. The past two weeks, the first especially, I’ve been on overload. Between studying for tests, writing papers, doing normal homework and helping out at CSF, I’ve kept on my toes.

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Two weekends ago, the 10th-12th, was CSF’s annual Fall Retreat. It was awesome! We go for the weekend to a Christian retreat center just over the river in Indiana. We had around one hundred people go this year, which is up compared to sixty last year. Over the weekend we have three sessions, each composing of worship and a message. The overlying theme of the messages was “How to live,” learning from examples set by different Old Testament characters. The highlight of the weekend, according to me and everyone I’ve asked, was Saturday night. That night the message was from Daniel 3; the story of Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and the fiery furnace. Midway through his message, our speaker gave us a few minutes and told us to go around the room and do two things. First, find someone who has been your Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Those people who have stuck with you and been a strong encouragement to you. Second, find someone you don’t know, or have just met, and pray with them that they would not leave this trip unchanged, that they would be able to apply the lessons and truly live life when they returned home.

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When he set us loose I practically bolted over to my roommate, Jacob, to tell him what an encouragement he’s been to me in the past year, because honestly, if it weren’t for him I probably wouldn’t still be here at UK. I talked to and prayed with a handful of others during the time we were given before we all sat back down again. The speaker finished his message and then gave us a time just to go up to the front and say anything that’s been on our hearts. I searched mine and couldn’t find anything I felt I was supposed to say, but those who did speak were very challenging and encouraging. I think I learned more from the handful of students who spoke than I did from the other messages all weekend.

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After that service was over and some time had passed it was late in the night and I gathered up my stuff to do my fire-eating routine. Those who were on the trip last year had already seen me do it and assumed I would again, and I had talked to some of the new freshmen about it as well. After the service I had people asking me every few minutes when I was going to do it. I got my stuff out and set up where I was going to perform, and word spread that Josh Clark was about to eat fire. Groups came and soon most everyone on the trip had turned up to watch, which of course made me a bit nervous, but after I get going it gets easier. Overall my performance went well and everyone loved it. I just love eating fire! I’m hoping to have some pictures to send you all by the next email.

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Before going on the retreat I was asking three things of God that I wanted from it: first, to grow closer to Him. Second, to grow closer to others, and third, to remember the name of every person I would meet. Seeing as how there were a hundred people there and a good bit of them would be freshmen, I knew I’d be meeting a bunch of new faces. Well I’m glad to say that I definitely got all three. I’m honestly surprised I can remember everyone’s names, because I made an effort to meet almost everyone on the trip. Definitely a God thing.
Speaking of the freshmen, we really have some great new people coming in this year. Some of them have hearts for God that just blow me away, and I’m really excited to see how He uses them in the next year. I’ve gotten to hang out with a few of the guys in particular, and it’s been really cool getting to know them. They encourage me with their walks and yet make me strive harder to set an example for them.

I’ve been doing a lot of computer work for CSF lately, and I have some good news I’m really excited about . . . I get to do their website! Last year there was another girl doing it and in trying to be nice I’ll just say it could have been better. Anyway, she graduated and our campus minister Rob is doing some odds & ends stuff with it but they don’t really have anyone. I’ve wanted to work on it since last year and now I finally get to! I’m thrilled if you can’t tell. I’ll let you all know the address once it’s up, but I don’t know how long it’ll take me to do.

I’m afraid I can’t think of any extraordinarily humorous stories to tell this time around. Hopefully next time.

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