$428.65 of Mac Software for Only $49 [MacHeist]

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MacHeistOn the eve of Macworld Expo, MacHeist has released a full bundle of Mac apps at an incredible deal. MacHeist started up last year, offering the Mac community a chance to solve puzzles and “missions” in order to unlock software to be added to a discount bundle. It was an incredible discount and I was sorry that I only found out about it after the deal was over.

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This year, MacHeist has done it again. The full bundle of apps was unlocked today, including $368.75 $428.65 worth of software for only $49. Also, 25% of your money goes to one of several charities you can choose from. Some of the apps even cost more than the bundled $49 price. All in all, it’s an incredible deal.

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The following software is included:
1password – award winning password manager
CoverSutra – beautiful iTunes controller
Cha-Ching – elegant and intuitive finances
iStopMotion – make your own stop motion films
Awaken – wake up to iTunes
Speed Download – download manager that does everything
AppZapper – “the uninstaller Apple forgot”
TaskPaper – easy to use To-Do list manager
CSSEdit – web development the easy way
Snapz Pro X – screencasts and screengrabs
Pixelmator – powerful image editing
Wingnuts 2 – Apple design award runner-up for game of the year – just added!

Check out the site soon. This deal is only available for 9 more days.

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4 Responses to $428.65 of Mac Software for Only $49 [MacHeist]

  1. Michael says:

    That is quite cheap. I’ve used Spanz Pro before on my friend’s mac and I liked it. My Mac? Well, I don’t have one [Yet].

  2. Anthony says:

    Hey i just found this out today. I wanna do it, i just want to know if its really legit?

    Im just kind of skeptical haha

  3. Josh says:

    Buy viagra using paypal account
    I’ve bought the package myself, so I can personally vouch for it.
    But if you’ve been reading my site for any amount of time, you know that I ONLY write about things that are 100% legit. :)

  4. Michael says:

    @John – And if it is not legit, you always tells us

    Keep up the great posts Josh!

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