New Gift Card Site [Trainn]

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YourGiftCards4FreeYesterday Trainn revealed a new site specifically for gift cards and cash, which are usually the most popular items of freebie sites.
YourGiftCards4free offers cash amounts of $300 and $430, and gift card amounts of $300, $400, and $450.

Trainn is one of the top-rated, very legit freebie networks. You can see a list of their other sites in my original review.

You can choose gift cards from any of the following merchants:
AMC Theatres
American Airlines
American Eagle Outfitters
Avis Car Rental
Banana Republic
Barneys New York
Bass Pro Shops
Bath & Body Works
Best Buy
Bed Bath & Beyond
Borders Books and Music
Crate & Barrel
Dave and Buster’s
Eddie Bauer
Famous Footwear
Fashion Bug
Finish Line
Foot Locker
Hard Rock Cafe
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
L.L. Bean
Lane Bryant
Linens ‘N Things
Lord & Taylor
Old Navy
Pep Boys
Pier 1 Imports
Pottery Barn
Saks Fifth Avenue
Sunglass Hut
The Sharper Image

Sign up today!

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30 Responses to New Gift Card Site [Trainn]

  1. Samuel says:

    have you heard of are they legit?

  2. Ark says:

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    Samuel, please visit the forums to ask questions. This section is for the new trainn site to be disucssed. But to answer your question,it’s a knock off of brandarama, not sure if their legit or not.

  3. *bethany* says:

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    Trainn sites are always/usually referral-based, right? I try to only do DIY, but if this is a DIY for a decent amount of offers, I’m interested. Thanks for the find, Josh!

  4. Josh says:

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    You can choose to do offers yourself for points or have a referral-based account when you sign up. Trainn is a great site, though for DIY it usually requires more offers than other sites.

  5. Ark says:

    I agree with josh, trainn DIY with points really isn’t worth it. If you go for a trainn site do it referral based.

  6. Jose says:

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    Does anyone have any idea of how many offers are needed for one of the top gift cards ($400 or $450)…I usually only do DIY as referrals can be a real pain…thanks

  7. Josh says:

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    It really depends on which offers you choose to complete. Create an account and look through them. They tell you how many points you need for a gift, and how many each offer is worth. You can get an idea of what you’d have to do that way.

  8. Jose says:

    yep i have done that…thanks for the info though…i may go for this

  9. JZ says:

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    I’ve been a big fan of this site for the last few months and have just started with Trainn. My first 360 game should be here by the end of the week. However, I have had some issues with a lack of support. On their Wii4Free site I’ve had open support tickets about credit requests for almost 2 weeks now with no response of any kind. I’m doing everything I can not to contact them again as it’s the last two credits I need. Any advice? Am I just being too impatient with them?

  10. Josh says:

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    Trainn is usually pretty good about their support, although usually it takes a few days for them to reply. It’s strange that they haven’t responded in so long. Keep emailing them.

  11. jonny says:

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    I am knew to this. Anyone know how to get referral for this? I am thinking “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” kind of thing.

  12. JZ says:

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    Well, Trainn did respond after 2 and a half weeks. I got manual credit for one but they’re still waiting for confirmation on the other request. They got my email (with full headers) showing the completed offer but haven’t heard back from the company yet. I’ll keep you all posted.

  13. Wondering says:

    does anyone have links to other things besides gift cards: T.V.’s etc. for trainn. I know they are doing iPod’s (iStuff) and iPhones.

  14. Josh says:

    Click the link in this post to my original review. That has a full list of sites.

  15. Ark says:

    Trainn sites are among the best there are

  16. ramsak says:

    when will the free mac be back?!

  17. Ark says:


    We’re just waiting for another offer to pop up. For the time being check out the new trainn giftcard site ;)

    To the others, feel free to message me if you need help with the trainn giftcard site :)

  18. joel says:

    I don’t get it. Is the forum down? I haven’t had any luck registering.

  19. Ark says:


    The forum seems to be working fine on my end.

  20. Ark says:

    Hows everyone doing out there? Need any help? Confused? Feel free to pm me on the boards

  21. Bro says:

    does anyone have any of the contact information for “your credit report” from the yourgiftcards4free website? I really need it. Thanks

  22. Ark says:


    Your best bet is to open a support ticket with Trainn and ask them for a URL to the site. That way you can find the contact information for that offer.

  23. Dr. teeth says:

    You gotta be joking about Trainn. I looked into one and took the non-referral option. 1000 points for a $500 check is insane when he average points granted per offer is 50. Josh has a sweet setup here, getting people to click his links to Trainn sites under his referral number.

  24. Ark says:

    Dr. Teeth

    I don’t see what your problem is? This is a blog to help people and provide information. He can put a referral link up if he wants. Dr. Teeth, the point route is not for everyone, that is why trainn has a referral based accounts too. If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to do the site or even read here.

  25. Blaise says:

    Question: for someone to be truly ‘referred’ do they have to complete the process completely (which would/could involve them getting referrals of their own) or does it simply kick in for the referrer when they sign up with TraInn?

  26. Josh says:

    A referral is someone who signs up under you and completes at least one offer.

  27. Blaise says:

    Now do you mean offer as in “try blockbuster for one month” or offer as in “Get your $300 apple gift card for Free!*”?

  28. Josh says:

    I mean offer as in blockbuster or printer cartridges or weight loss products, etc. I almost always refer to those trials you actually sign up for as “offers” and the sites themselves simply as “sites,” for future reference. :)

  29. Blaise says:

    Ok thanks!

  30. Joel says:

    beware – don’t bother contacting these people if you have problems (i.e., questions, order not being sent after completing requirements, etc.). I have tried for four weeks to get them to respond and nothing.

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