The Encore

So. I’m not dead in a ditch somewhere. But life gets busy, what can I say. In the past two months, I have:

  • Finished college (forever!!!)
  • Started a company (for all your tech needs in the Lexington area)
  • Gotten engaged

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Now, while life in the real world has been vibrant with activity, that in the online has been somewhat…slower.
As is obvious, I haven’t written about a freebie deal since February, and a good one in much longer. The types of freebie deals we all love – the kind that don’t require any referrals – just haven’t been up to anything new.

Regardless, I’ve kinda dropped the ball on the whole blog thing. And I miss it.

Well, I’m back.

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There are plenty of other cool sites and services I want to share with you, not to mention even more important stuff, and if a good freebie deal comes along once in a while, you can still be sure to find out about it here (and the forum is going nowhere).

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If my writing frequency does happen to go downhill again, feel free to email me. Seriously. Be like, “Where the crap are my blog posts, Josh?” A little encouragement never hurts. :)

More to come…

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6 Responses to The Encore

  1. Ark says:

    Great to have ya back, good job on school and the job and everything else!

  2. Evelyn says:

    Congratulations! Sounds like “real life” is starting out great.

  3. John says:

    hi Josh, reviews, Viagra 100mg tablet price
    first off, congrats on the engagement, the company and everything else. i think my place in life is similar to yours right now.. somewhat fresh out of college, working at a startup, etc — it’s exciting.

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    i stumbled upon your website looking for a free macbook but man i’ve found much more. i’m encouraged by what i’ve read .. thoughts on passion, the ‘more important stuff’ link, etc. wish you the best. keep on living for Jesus.

    p.s. no macbook deals =[ and curious, how much have you made off of fusioncash? is it worth doing?

  4. tian says:

    congrats on the engagement and the startup

    (btw, as a writer of many business plans, i think you’re charging too little for the tech services)

  5. Josh says:


    Maybe I’ll email you for some advice on our business plan. :)

    We know our fees are lower than most other people’s. We did that intentionally because we wish to be fair to our clients. We may or may not raise them in the future. However, we think that most places (cough…Geek Squad…cough) charge WAY too much for what they do, and while we want to remain competitive to their pricing, we aren’t interested in ripping people off.

  6. Brandon says:

    Hey Josh,

    I have appreciated all of your information over the last year. I checked out your website for the business you are starting. Looks great!! Glad to see more guys walking into business with and directing decisions though their relationship with Christ. As with your new business, Leadership is very important….I want to encourage you to attend a 2 day conference put on by Willow Creek coming up here Aug 7-8th. It’s called the Leadership Summit and it is satelite fed to churches all over…even in Lexington. Once you go once, you will go back every year. Brad Anderson- CEO of Best Buy is one of many who will be speaking this year….could be good insight into your new endeavor. Just thought I would pass on some helpful information for you, since you have given me so much through your blog in the last year and half. You can check out more on the conference through my blog or through Willow Creek’s site. Thanks Josh and best of luck.

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