New Camera Site [Trainn]

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YourCamera4FreeTrainn has just released another great freebie site, this time for all the photography enthusiasts out there.
Their new site, YourCamera4Free, offers five different cameras to choose from, and of course some cash options.

Camera choices are:
Nikon D40
Sony A200W
Canon A650IS
Olympus SP-570UZ
Canon S5
$300 or $480 cash

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For those of you new to Trainn, they offer both referral- and points-based accounts so you can do offers yourself or have others sign up under you. They are a highly-rated legitimate freebie company.

Sign up today!

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12 Responses to New Camera Site [Trainn]

  1. Ark says:

    Wow, looks like a good site!

  2. Jose says:

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    I am interested in this site but have never done a “points” based offer. Is it easy or does it take a long time? Also do you guys think we could help each other out with referrals if that would be an easier route. I think it is called a “conga” line. Am I correct??

  3. Ark says:

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    Congas aren’t that successful with these types of sites. Ask all your friends and family, Trainn is very legit, just read around the forums, there should be no doubts ;)

  4. Morehart says:

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    I’m making this my next one…been wanting a new camera. I am doing the points b/c I don’t really have the time to get a bunch of referrals. I will just work through some of the offers.

  5. Ark says:


    Good luck :)

  6. Tayler says:

    I signed up for that the other day, but i remembered that I live in Podunk nowhere, South Dakota and no one will do this even with proof…I’ll have to wait til i go to college in 2 years, I tried to pay people online, but it would usually end up costing the same and taking twice the time… :(

  7. Amandasaurus says:

    Did you get all the referrals you need for this? If not, I’ll sign up under you. If so, I’m going to find someone else to sign up under to help them out.

  8. Josh says:

    PM Ark, this is his link. Thanks :)

  9. Jason says:

    How many referrals do I need for this site? I would hate to start the process without knowing. What is the best way to get referrals?


  10. Josh says:

    It depends on which gift you choose. You can sign up to see the requirements and change which gift you want afterwords.

    As far as getting referrals:

  11. Karma says:

    I’m leaning towards the Canon A650IS, but with how I do freebie sites, it’ll never happen. I just can’t ask people. Oh yeah, and wonderful blog, Josh. Very useful.

  12. Brad says:

    Just curious.. is this similar to the macbook pro offer a while back.. where you purchase small amounts of money for the points and than cancel? only paying the cancellation fees, etc. that only total out to nothing over $5-10 a pop? thanks everyone.

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