Help A Friend Report At The World Series

Update Sept. 22: Clay won! Watch for him at the 2008 World Series, and thanks a ton to everyone who voted!!

You all know I usually don’t do stuff like this, but this is a huge opportunity for a friend of mine, so I said I’d try to help him out.

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My friend Clay is a finalist in a competition with a chance to be an on field reporter at the World Series. He needs our help by voting for him (It takes about 20 secs). You can vote for him once a day all this week by going here.
All you have to do is click “Vote for Candidate” under Clay Duerson at the bottom left, and enter an email address (feel free to use a crap address).

Or find out more here:

If you are on facebook, join this group and he will send you reminders to vote:

And finally, to see a video of Clay in action see below:

Thanks everybody!

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8 Responses to Help A Friend Report At The World Series

  1. Amanda says: reviews, Price viagra egypt, Buy tesco viagra online, Where to buy viagra in dominican republic
    Please help–I can’t seem to see a spot to email you at. I just started doing the free gift card things, and had the same thing happen to me on two different sites: Yourgiftcards, and both will not allow me to access my account because they say either the username/password is incorrect. I have emailed them 24 hrs. ago and they have not emailed me my information yet. Do they have customer service phone numbers? I have been searching desperately but can find nothing.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Josh says:


    Try going here to set your password for the first site:

    If that doesn’t work, call them at 801-316-0555.

    This is a common problem with their sites, just so you know it isn’t you. :)

  3. Luke says:

    So did I – thanks, Josh!

  4. Amanda(saurus) says:

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    I refuse to vote for the simple reason that I was going to enter this but missed the deadline. Hrmph. Bitterness holdout!
    (I kid, I’m voting….)

  5. Glen says:

    Holy crap, he won!

  6. Josh says:

    I know, crazy huh? :)

  7. Ark says:


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