How to Spend Just Two Minutes A Day On Facebook

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FacebookI love the capabilities Facebook gives us to communicate and connect with each other. I can remember the first time I ever heard of Facebook when it was brand new. A friend in my college dorm was showing it to me and I said I didn’t want to sign up.
What’s the point of just making a page about me? I said. Two weeks later I had an account and I’ve never turned back since.

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I’m not what you would call a “Facebook addict,” but I do log on briefly every day to see what’s going on. A big turn-off for me, though, is the amount of time it takes to browse through my entire news feed just to see that a close friend updated his status three pages down.

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We all have dozens (hundreds?) of friends who – well let’s be honest – we just don’t really care about. Old friends from middle school or that girl who was in that group project from that class or that other guy who you’re sure you’ve never met. If I saw someone at the supermarket and wouldn’t even make eye contact, why am I wasting my time reading that they’re visiting their mom for the weekend and missed Bailey the family dog?

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Well I’ve figured out a way to cut through all that unnecessary stuff to see only the content from friends of my choosing. I can now take a quick 60-second glance at facebook twice a day and know everything that’s going on with the people I really care about.

It’s simple to setup. Here’s what you do.

1) Login and click on Friends in the top menu to view your full list of friends.

2) Click on Make a New List on the left, and name it something like “Important Peeps.”

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3) Now add everyone to the list who you really want to keep up with. Don’t spend too much time thinking about each individual, you can always add or remove people later.

Now when you visit the Facebook homepage you should see your new list in the menu on the left. It may not show up for a few minutes, or you might need to log out and back in. Just select this list and the news feed automatically filters to show you only content from the people on that list.

You’ll be surprised at how little stuff there is posted each day that you actually care about reading. Of course, that depends on the friends you choose to follow.

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