Updates & Humiliation

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Hey everybody!
Nearly two months have buzzed by since I last wrote at length, and you know what that means . . . that’s right, you’d better get comfy in your chair.

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Well, as far as school goes, I really enjoy both of my English courses. One involves mostly reading, the other, writing. In the one class we’re into our fourth novel already . . . some of them enjoyable, others less so. In the creative writing class we’ve only written one major essay so far, and several smaller ones. I enjoy the writing, but I don’t really care for the professor’s teaching style, so I’m sort of split on my liking of the class.
My Persuasive Speaking class isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I’ve had to give two speeches so far, and I still get nervous talking in front of people, but it’s getting easier. As for my last class . . .

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Dear Anthropology,
I’m afraid we can’t be friends, seeing as how you’re a liar. Also, I didn’t come from a monkey. Thanks.
~ Josh.

Now to the good stuff.

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A few weekends ago was CSF’s spring retreat, the Gatlinburg Trip. We stayed in these amazing cabins for the weekend that were like four-star hotels. It was good to get away for a few days and spend some time drawing closer to God and to others. It really flew by so quickly I almost feel like I didn’t experience it.
One thing I definitely brought back from the trip, however, was poison oak. I climbed a tree, so sue me. Within a few days of returning to Lexington my left wrist was covered in a patch of bumpy red. The following weekend I was in Columbus for Mom’s birthday. Once she got home from work, upon seeing my arm, she insisted we go to the Immediate Care Center and get it taken care of. So we go to the place and I’m sitting on a bed in this curtained-in area. The doctor looks at my arm, confirms it is poison oak of some sort, and says they’ll give me a shot, a few prescriptions, and send me on my way. No big deal.

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Moments later a short, older nurse lady appears with a clipboard and needle. I roll up my sleeve and wait as she messes with the clipboard. She sets it down, removes the cap off the needle, turns to look me in the eye and says, “I need your butt.”
I don’t move.
Staring down this lady I ask, “You can’t give it to me in the arm?”
“You have skinny little arms, honey. I have to give it to you in the butt.”
I remain motionless on the bed, looking this woman straight in the eye. There’s no way she’s giving me a shot in the butt.
From her seat on a stool next to the bed, Mom urges me to stand. I do, still looking the nurse in the eye. They’re going to have to rip the pants off me, I’m telling you.
In a state of shock and disbelief, I turn to face the bed and ask, “Do you want me to just lie down on the bed or what?” There’s gotta be some way out of this.
In the meantime, the nurse is lifting the back of my sweater and commenting, “Oh good, he doesn’t wear his pants low like all those other kids nowadays.”
This can’t be happening.
Mom tells me to unbuckle my belt. I do, and am relieved when they tell me she only has to give me the shot a few inches below the waist. That certainly wasn’t the mental picture I had had.
So I get the shot, shifting my weight to my left leg, I buckle my belt, and we go home. The only remnant of the poison oak is a small scar on my wrist, but this story will sure stay with me.

Although it has been a while since I last wrote, the next time should be relatively soon, I hope. You see, this week is our Spring Break and God has provided the opportunity for me to go on a mission trip to Charleston, South Carolina with a group of 11 other people from CSF. We leave tomorrow morning (Sunday morning) and get back Friday sometime. We’ll be participating in a huge program called Charleston Outreach. We’ll be renovating low-income houses and working with kids at an after-school care center. I love kids and love working with kids, and haven’t gotten the chance to do so since high school, so that’s what I’m looking forward to most of all. I’ll be writing to tell you all about it shortly after I get back.

It’s official now that next year I’ll be an intern at CSF. Being in this leadership role means that I’ll be leading a weekly small group Bible study, which I’m excited about. Also, I’ll be committed to devoting 15 hours a week of work to CSF, doing things like preparing for my Bible study, and an additional 5 hours a week of personal quiet time. I’m thankful for the 5 hours of personal bible study time being mandatory because it should help me to be more disciplined about it. The 15 hours I’m not worried about having to meet, because with the work I already do maintaining the CSF website, adding a small group Bible study on top of that will easily take me over 15 hours each week.

Another change happening at CSF involves our campus minister, Rob. God has called him to Atlanta, Georgia, so this will be his last semester with us at CSF. This was a disappointing bit of news to hear, because Rob is an awesome campus minister and, being an intern next year, I was really looking forward to getting to work closely with him. However, I’m excited for him and his family because God is going to use them in awesome ways in Georgia, and I’m sure He’ll bring along someone to CSF next semester that will be perfect for us.

Well, I’ve tried to keep this relatively short. Ha, you’re thinking. I didn’t go into everything that I could have, believe me.

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