Groups vs Me Time

Want to get inside my head and see how I tick? This entry’s for you. They are few and far between, so enjoy…

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So depending on how well you know me, you may or may not know that I’m more of a one-on-one person than a group person.
This means that I usually prefer hanging out with a single person or small group of persons rather than a large number. I feel more comfortable in smaller settings, and usually enjoy them more. I would almost always rather go deeper in conversation with one person than float around a group having shallow superficial conversations with a dozen.
For this reason, when in group settings, I will usually try to focus on talking to one or two people and not really mind “excluding” myself from the group. Also, I almost always open up more, talk more, and involve myself more in smaller settings (especially one-on-one). In groups, I have a tendency to clam up or sit back and let everyone else chat and laugh, only offering the occasional comment.

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When I want to get to know people, my first instinct is to ask them to lunch or coffee or something like that. A one-on-one situation. I don’t get to know people in groups; it’s really hard for me. Of course, this one-on-one thing sometimes makes it hard to get to know people because:

(1) You have to find the time to actually hang out outside of a group and

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(2) Concerning girls: If you ask a girl to dinner or basically any one-on-one setting, they will usually assume you have motives, such as attraction. They get scared. They turn cold on you. They run. This sometimes upsets me because there are times when I would love to hang out with a girl one-on-one and just talk for a bit to get to know her, and 99% of the time I have NO further interests beyond friendship. However, I first have to get to know them in groups (which, as I said, is terribly difficult for me) and make them realize that I actually have no interest or attraction.
I really need to find a girl to pay to say she’s my girlfriend because then maybe the rest of the single ones wouldn’t be scared away?
Stupid girls…

OK so I kinda went on a tangent there. Sorry. Back to me in groups and such…

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I like my “me” time. I just need time alone or in one-on-one settings every so often to stay “happy,” I suppose. For example, if I spend a lot of time in groups of people I simply grow tired of it and begin to wish I could get away. It usually doesn’t involve the people I’m hanging out with personally or because I don’t want to hang out with them, it’s just how I am.

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Some people don’t understand all of this. I’m not really sure I understand all of it, as I’m still just learning about myself and this topic as well.
Any insight would be marvelous.

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