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I think that when the curtain of this world is pulled back and we each find our journey’s end in that promised place, so thick with God’s glory you can breathe it in and out as air, we will realize, above all else, how far off we were in our thinking. I am not speaking of belief systems or matters of right and wrong, but of our mental image of God, Heaven, and all things in the spiritual realm.

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I think in Heaven there will be colors we have never imagined. Emotions and feelings will dance through our souls that, if our mortal bodies were to experience them, would cause us to simply explode. Any single note of the music there will far outcry the most beautiful of symphonies ever composed in all of our history. Elements of gold and silver will appear as dirt and rock next to the jewels lining those streets.

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The attributes of God will far outreach the greatest understanding any man has ever attained. His love will seem ever more precious and far more deep, His grace infinitely more sufficient, His mercy eternally matchless, and we may finally see just how unworthy we really were.

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We don’t have words to describe Him. Our languages cannot contain Him, nor our minds truly capture even the simplest of His beauty. This we will understand when we meet Him face to face. Everything we ever thought of Him – any measure of understanding He granted – will seem as a faint whisper next to the scream that is His greatness.

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When the veil is lifted these things we shall see, and then we will realize that the Almighty and His glory, Heaven and its treasures – everything we ever thought we knew – can only truly, accurately, in its essence, be described using a single word: indescribable.

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