Bird Poop

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A bird pooped on me today.
It didn’t hit me directly, but rather landed behind me and splattered everywhere. All over my arm and my laptop, which I was typing on. That’d be an interesting tech support call:

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Me: “Yeah, um…I got bird poop on my laptop and now it’s not working.”
Techie: “Did you say…bird poop?”
Me: “Bird poop.”
Techie: “I’m going to put you on hold for just a minute…”

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The bird was long gone before I could look up to see it. Stupid bird. I think from now on I’ll carry an airgun with me around campus and shoot them down. Eventually I’ll hit the right one, right?


OK, you’ll probably never see those headlines in print, but around this campus you never can be too sure.

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So once again, it’s waaaay past my bedtime (if I really have one, that is) and I’m still up. I have to get up in four hours to meet Chris for breakfast, then give a speech in my Persuasive Speaking class (which is going really well and helping me get over my fear of public speaking, by the way. yippee!!). Then I’m gone all day in classes or lunch or this or that or whatever. Thursdays are my longest day of the week. Gone from dawn to dusk. It’s all good though. Fun stuff interspliced between that which isn’t.

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Oh, and I got a raise at work today! That’s some good news. I was only making $5.25 an hour, and got it bumped up to $6.00, which is definitely an improvement, but still not very much. Oh well, it’s money, and I don’t plan on working at Sonic next semester, to be honest. I just have to stick it out the rest of this month and I’m outta there, thanks to summer break.
Their phone will not be ringing come August. Least not from me.

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