The closer something is to the light source, the more illuminated it will become.

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As you grow closer to God, you begin to see more of your own faults – faults that you’ve tolerated for too long. You see more things that need improvement, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming because you realize just how much chiseling is left to be done.
However, as the list of things needing to change grows longer – perhaps becoming overwhelming, even scary – you can know that it likely means you are drawing nearer to God, and that is an encouraging thought.

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That’s where I’m at right now. I’m trying to clean up my life and yearn for Him. Long for Him. Thirst for Him. Sometimes as I feel Him the joy that erupts deep inside presses against my chest, anxious to burst through my throat into laughter. Other times, like today, thoughts enter my mind like “How on earth will I ever be able to fix all of this?”
That’s usually when I realize that the clay isn’t so much responsible for shaping itself, just entrusting its form to the Potter.

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