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One night last week I was up late studying and was beginning to get bored and very tired. When you mix such elements along with the need to study, studying itself becomes the last thing you want to do and you conjure up creative ways to amuse yourself and thus, procrastinate.

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As a result of these things a question appeared in my mind and stuck there with such force that I simply had to do something about it. The question was this:

Will the Trix Rabbit ever actually get to eat a delicious bowl of Trix cereal?

And so, I got online and emailed General Mills, the makers of Trix. This is what I wrote:

Dear General Mills,

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Having grown up watching the Trix Rabbit endlessley pursue just one taste of Trix cereal, I would like to request that at some point, before the Rabbit ceases to exist as the Trix Mascot (if that day should ever come), he would get just one tasty bowl of Trix cereal.

Thank you.

Very much to my surprise and amusement, they wrote back:

Dear Josh:

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Thank you for contacting the General Mills Consumer Services Department regarding our Trix advertisements. We are sorry to learn of your disappointment.

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The Trix rabbit became the brand’s “character” in 1959. Wanting to appeal to children, the advertising and marketing personnel thought the rabbit personified fun and laughter. The rabbit’s antics and disguises in trying to get Trix from the kids have endured for more than 30 years!

Your reaction to the Trix advertising was unexpected. We quickly realized that our young consumers wanted the rabbit to get some Trix. A 1980 election campaign resulted in the rabbit eating one bowl of Trix. Several years later another election campaign overwhelmingly allowed the rabbit to eat a bowl of Trix again. These commercials appeared on television several times.

We appreciate your interest and concern about the Trix advertisements. Your opinion is important and will review the information you provided with the marketing and advertising staff.


General Mills
Consumer Services

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