A Day In The Life

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Every day I wake up, take a shower and eat some cereal (provided I have the time) before heading to my first class. Considering I am NOT a morning person, I did not take any early classes. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday my first class is at 10am. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I begin at 9:30. This gives me plenty of time to get ready and be awake by the time I have to trek across campus to class.

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In our bathroom there are four showers, four stalls, and eight sinks. I have tried two of the showers; just depends on which others are being used at the time. The fourth one is made to be handicapped accessible I believe and just doesn’t look promising. The first shower I have only used once. Only once. After stepping in and getting under the water a familiar smell wafted past my nostrils. What was that? Hmm . . . smells like . . . peanut butter? I kept my mouth tightly closed until I got finished, which I did quickly, as I was not willing to confirm whether or not the water tasted like peanut butter as well. Very odd.
The second shower I would have to say is my favorite. I use it when I have a choice, which is very often as there is not usually anyone else in the bathroom at the same time I am. There’s nothing weird about it, and there’s no need to walk past the second shower to the third if the second is open. Seems sensible.

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After I shower, as I mentioned, I eat a bowl or two of cereal if time permits, load up my backpack and head to my first class. On average it takes me 10 minutes to get to the building and another few to actually reach my seat in the classroom. Sometimes however I get stuck behind students who obviously don’t have anywhere to be anytime soon. Except for one strip on a large walkway, most of my walking is done on sidewalks which are about 4 feet wide. There are three invisible lanes of traffic running back and forth on the sidewalk. The standard left and right lanes on either side moving in their opposing directions, and in the middle a lane especially for people like me who wish to pass those slower moving hindrances.

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When I reach my destination classroom building I pick up the daily Kentucky Kernel, UK’s on-campus newspaper, and mount the stairs to the second floor. I reach the class and take my seat, breathing a sigh of relief that I beat Professor Brunn. Some people are just compulsively late to his class. I mean we’re talking every stinking day. You think you’d learn.

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I suffer through the 50 eternal minutes of Geography and start my trek back across campus, reading what the hot news for today is in my paper. Upon reaching my dorm I throw out the paper (it’s only a few pages read, especially considering I don’t read the half of it consisting of sports), drop off my bag and get a bite to eat. The other day I used this spare time to find the post office that’s rumored to be in the maze of a dungeon beneath the classroom building I had Geography in. And just for two lousy stamps is what’s more! Are there any signs pointing you to “Basement?” Oh, no, they decided to hide it. You wouldn’t know that the windowless brown door located in the middle of one of the four halls of the classroom building actually led to a staircase. The elevator even blends into the wall. I decided against taking it when I saw the janitor with his mop and broom step onto it. Not because he had to clean it, but by the scowl on his face it looked like he needed a vacation. The “if-one-more-pesky-student-drops-a-piece-of-paper-I’ll-kill-him” kinda look. He was holding that broom in an awfully threatening manor.

Next follows Calculus at 1:00. Just when I’m getting used to Professor Gorbounov’s accent, he has to take the week off. Today we had a wide-eyed German guy in a purple shirt. Not his color; didn’t have the heart to tell him. Didn’t understand a lick of what he was saying and proceeded to sketch on my notebook page. When 1:50 rolled around the guy wasn’t showing any signs of slowing up. Something had to be done. Near the back of the room, a tall black guy stood, picked up his things and slowly moved down the stairs to the front of the classroom. As he passed in front of the professor towards the door he slowly turned his head and said in a very deep voice “time to go” and left.
“Time to go, eh? So soon? Alright, see you on Friday” purple guy said and the rustling of books and backpacks began. Class for the day was over.

For those of you who don’t know, Ale 8 is a favorite drink of mine. It’s a soft drink that comes in 8oz and 12oz green bottles. In Louisville they only sell the 8oz bottles. Here they sell only 12oz, but at the same price. However, I noticed on the 12oz bottles a note that said “Please Return For Deposit.” After emailing the company I discovered something that will keep me set for the rest of my college years. A six-pack of 12oz bottles costs $2.20. You can return bottles at a drop-off place only about 10 minutes down the street from campus for 30 cents per bottle. This means that after recycling them, I get an entire six-pack of 12oz Ale 8 for only 40 cents!!! This may not mean much to you all, but to me it means CHEAP soda that’s actually good! I’m excited if you haven’t guessed. I’m planning on storing up six-packs and taking them in a few at a time, whenever I get around that area.

That’s all for now. I’m sure you’re riveted. Will write again soon.

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