I Just Felt Like Writing

Ghana is two weeks from tomorrow. Wow.
By then, I have to…

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…pack up every little thing I own. Throw my 275+ books in boxes, fold all my clothes into bins, disassemble my desk and bookcase – you get the idea. See, I won’t really be coming back home after Ghana, and my parents will be bringing me all my stuff in Lexington to move into my new apartment.

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…pack separately for the trip itself, which will be interesting considering I have no idea what one should take for a month-long trip to another country.

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…finish everything I want to get done on the CSF site. Here’s the inside scoop: I’m actually re-designing it. Shh… Also, I have to have a bunch of updates to it done before leaving for Africa so I can make it automatically update itself on August 1st while I’m halfway around the equator. Stuff like the calendar of events for August, for example.

Still off the caffeine, by the way. 18 days without it and counting…

Pretty much I have two weeks of summer left. Then the most amazing trip of my life. Then school.
And the clock laughs, ticking away ever faster.

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