I was in a deep mood one recent night (more so than usual) and as I often do in deep moods, began writing. This is what resulted.

In the past year, what would I have done differently had I the chance?

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I would have lived in fuller realization of the moment at hand. I would have tried to suck the life out of every second, because we can never get them back.

I would have spent more time studying and focused more on my grades.

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I would have had more deep conversations with people, asking questions or bringing up the topics I really wanted to talk about, and not succumbing to the shallow plastic-faced world we live in. I would have tried to give meaning and depth to more conversations.

I would have gone to bed earlier, gotten more sleep, and gotten up earlier.

I would have spent more time reading, and more time doing nothing.

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I would have left encouraging notes for people more often, whether via e-mail, snail mail, thefacebook messages, or notes left on CSF’s encouragement board.

As you can see, I was thinking more along the lines of general situations than specific, one-time choices or actions.

Busy packing everything I own. And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep…

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