Going to Ghana

Hey everybody.

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This’ll be my last entry for a while. I’ve gotta spend the rest of the day packing up for our trip to Ghana and to move to our apartment at UK once I get back. I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Lexington and we fly out around 5:30pm on Monday evening.

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Our trip will be from July 11 to August 12. We’ll be building medical centers in two cities in Ghana and having a kid’s camp for several days near the end of our trip, in which we’ll have 300+ kids in our care (there are only a dozen of us) for 24 hours a day for three or four days. I’m really excited and cannot wait.

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Please be praying for our team as we go: for safety, for unity among our group, strength, servants’ hearts, that our minds and our hearts will be open to learn everything God has in store for us, and the same for the people we go to minister to.

To find out more specifics about our trip, visit CSF’s site.

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