Starbucks & Ale8

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Hello everybody. Its 4:05pm, I’m sitting in the back of a lecture hall completely ignoring what the speaker for today is yapping on about, wirelessly on the internet on my laptop, and getting a credit hour for it. College is GREAT!!!

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This class is “Introduction to the Computer Science Profession.” There are no assignments, quizzes, tests, or final exam. Thus, the reason for my apathy towards the speaker. You show up, listen to someone speak for an hour or so, sign an attendance sheet and get a credit hour at the end of the semester. It meets once a week, Tuesday afternoons for an hour, and each week someone different comes in and speaks. So far none of them have been interesting, or I wouldn’t be writing you right at this moment.

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Classes are going well. I love my schedule as my classes are all spread out except for one or two, and none of them meet early in the morning. My starbucks card has 8 punches on it already (buy 9, get the 10th free!), and would have 9 except yesterday I bought one and forgot to get out my card. I know, I know, I can’t believe me either. Oh well.

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It’s now 3:21pm Wednesday afternoon. I started this email in class but when class let out I stopped writing, planning to get back to it later. Well, here I am, much later than I had planned.

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As in I had mentioned in a previous note, Ale 8 is a drink I like and I had found a great deal on them. Anyway, near the end of last week I was sitting in my dorm at my desk drinking one. Now, the fridge in our dorm must be possessed or something. If you have four water bottles lying in a row on a shelf, one of the middle ones will be frozen solid, but the other three will be perfectly fine. It also has a tendency to partially freeze something, just enough to create a very thin layer of frost on the inside wall. When you start drinking this layer breaks into pieces and floats around in your drink, giving you the impression that there are little pieces of plastic in your soda. Very odd. So, here I was sipping my Ale 8 when I decided I was going to fix the stupid little pieces of ice in there. Shaking the drink would cause the ice to blend in with the rest of the drink, thus no more ice. Bingo. That’s what I would do. Problem solved.

Oh, the ignorance.

I wadded up a paper towel, placed it over the mouth of the open bottle and began to shake it vigorously. I stopped shaking when a cold sensation reached my hands. Then my legs. After criticizing my stupidity (Soda! You’re shaking a bottle of carbonated soda you fool!!!) my mind went into action. I jumped from my chair and ran across the room, suds spewing like a volcano through the top of my paper towel. I reached the door when another thought crossed my mind. There’s no sink in this room! I looked at the bottle, and given the options, started sucking fizz out of the paper towel as fast as I could. Soon enough the volcano died down and I looked at the mess of ale 8 covering my hands, pants, and floor. Just one of those days I guess.

This past weekend I was in Columbus again, and I decided to bring my bike back with me. I had to purchase a bike lock as well so I could safely attach it to the bike racks here on campus. Little did I know the dangers associated with riding a bicycle to class. To enjoy the convenience of cruising to class you must endure inconsiderate students on the sidewalk and madmen drivers on the street. Biking demands the utmost level of attention and caution, lest you want to become incapable of riding a bike any longer. No injuries as of yet, but then I’ve only had it a matter or two days. Rest assured, I am careful.

Not really much else going on right now. I’ve been in the library here a few times on tours and such, and I have a class in the basement, but I had never been anywhere but the entrance and the basement before, so yesterday I ventured into the upper levels to see what surprises awaited me. It really is a nice facility. Very quiet, a perfect place to study. Lots of tables, desks, computers and such. And they have moving bookshelves! I was utterly amazed. By pressing a button on the side of a bookcase you can watch the entire thing move to the left or right, depending on which side you need on. Absolutely fascinating. Would hate to be between them if someone else hit the button without knowing I was there though. Perish the thought.

This weekend I’ll be going on the Fall Retreat with CSF. Looking forward to it.

That’s all for now.

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