I’m Baaaack

Oh blog, how I missed thee.

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Our team arrived safely from Ghana last night, a little worn for the wear from jetlag and several days of travel, but overall wonderful and excited to get home.
A huge group of people met us at the airport. HUGE. Probably about a billion and two people. It was kind of overwhelming but absolutely great to see everyone again.
After being gone for an entire month and staying healthy overseas, I unfortunately am not feeling very well today and was up most of the night getting sick. I’m feeling ok this afternoon, just resting, and I’m not really sure what I have (if anything) or if my body just couldn’t take the last couple of days. Hoping and praying it’s not malaria.

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The trip was absolutely incredibly amazing. I journaled almost everyday while we were gone and am not actually finished yet writing everything God’s been teaching me. Sometime in the near future I’ll upload some pictures and one or two key journal entries to sum up things for you and give you some idea of what the trip was like.

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After being gone for a month, I had 1,407 emails in my main inbox, plus 327 in another account and 16 or so in a third. Yeah, I have lots of email accounts, but they all serve their purpose.
Basically it took me all of this morning plus forever and a day to sort through all the emails. Stupid spam.

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I’m in Louisville for the weekend because it’s simply too far for my family and I to drive all the way back to Columbus for such a short time. I’ll head back to Lexington tomorrow sometime then Monday morning I leave for CSF staff retreat. I’ll be there through Wednesday night and then back to Lex for good. Then I get to start unpacking everything at our new apartment and just hang out before classes begin on the 24th.

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