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Three weeks ago I was getting off the plane from Ghana, but it seems like a lifetime ago.
I want to go back. I miss Africa.

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I’m quickly growing tired of this shallow, stressful society we live in, where most conversation is only skin-deep and the Dream our country chases after is to earn a plastic house in the suburbs with 2.5 kids and a goldfish.

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If you’re looking for news on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, one of the best sources seems to be www.nola.com.
Lately, regardless of extremely high gas prices, I’ve been trying not to complain when filling up my tank. There are people who have lost so, so much, who am I to be upset about it costing me a few more bucks to drive my car around?

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And yet, God is not only working in spite of all the death and devastation down south, but actually using it for His purposes and for His glory. How great is our God?

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My blog’s been acting up lately, so if entries go missing or the layout gets crazy, I apologize. I’m debating starting from scratch, but don’t really have the time.

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