The Beautiful Oblivion

And the sun settled, sinking into the blue

The leaves danced away into oblivion


Questions sang their song of wonder

Drifting into the mist


Everything went down, all went dark

And all the snow was singing

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One Response to The Beautiful Oblivion

  1. Brian T says:

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    Josh I read this poem’s title and I thought about my favorite band –Project 86′s song titled “Obliviion” …read these few lyrics. I love the message from it and I loved your poem. :)

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    “Will I find home in
    This beautiful oblivion?
    No meaning
    No solace
    No comfort
    No justice
    These thoughts I’ve held in failure
    My paper champion, false savior

    “You think the answer lies within
    When your heart betrays you?”"

    _Oblivion_ from the album “Songs to burn your bridges by” by Project 86

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