McDonalds Southern Hospitality

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I’m sitting in what is probably the world’s smallest McDonald’s, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Alabama. And I have Internet access. And a man at the counter (a customer) is trying to sell the McDonalds worker behind the counter some cheap cologne. The world we live in, I tell you.

So this is how it all started, and why I’m updating my blog from a McDonalds in Dodge City (?), Alabama at 10pm on a Friday night…

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I’m on my way to Auburn University for a football game tomorrow. A buddy of mine (Andrew) goes to school there, and I’m travelling with his two sisters (Mallory and Courtney, also friends of mine) and one of their friends to hang out for the weekend and go to the football game. I left Lexington this morning at 9:00am, drove to Louisville to pick up on of the girls, drove to Nashville, TN to meet the other two, dropped off one of the cars and the four of us set off to Auburn – approximately 5 hours away.
About halfway there, the car starts making some weird noises and smoking – not good. We were luckily pulling up to an exit, so we turned off the highway and pulled into a Texaco parking lot. Long story short, the radiator has a huge crack in it and we’re stranded.
My friends’ parents are on their way here from Louisville (several, several hours away) with their Excursion and a trailer. They’re going to pick up us and the car, go to Auburn for the weekend, attend the game, and head back on Sunday night.
The street we are stuck on is, as you might have guessed, a bustling metropolis. There’s the Texaco, a Shell Station, a BP, a Dollar General, and of course, the McDonalds. And that’s all. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a wireless signal.
McDonalds stays open the latest – 1:00am – so we’re going to sit here until they close then wait in the car for our ride.
Needless to say, it has been quite an adventure.

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Two things I have learned so far in this trip:
Number one, always be thankful for the little things. We’ve not only got a place to stay (and eat, and go to the restroom) for the next few hours, but Internet Access?!? Amazing.
Secondly, the expression “Southern Hospitality” is SO true to its word. After we initially broke down, we had one mechanic come straight from work to check out the car. Two other men stopped to look to. The gas station attendant let us use the station’s water hose (and water, obviously) since the antifreeze had emptied in all the car trouble. Several motorists pulled over and offered mechanic advice, the use of their cell phones, even rides back to Kentucky, and one guy named Casey actually bought us a pepperoni pizza for dinner. The McDonalds workers have been more than gracious to let us sit here for the night, and friendly talk with us too.
I am truly not used to people being so friendly.

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The night is very young. We’ve got about 3 more hours at McDonalds and then we just wait around in the car for a while, then we drive 2 more hours to Auburn, then we sleep.
Then the football game tomorrow.

We had hoped for an exciting trip.
We need to think of a new word next time.

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