Coffee Shop Music

Simple, smooth, nice, soft.
That’s life lately.
Just…good. Like coffee shop music.
And I’m loving it.

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I’m finally getting things back on track. Not that everything was necessarily off-track before, but I was stressed, busy, and worn most of time.
Not anymore.

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I’ve made a schedule to try to manage my time better, blocking off chunks of time throughout the week for studying, reading, and writing for classes, and other stuff I know I’ll have to do on a weekly basis.
I’m hoping that within another week or two I’ll be completely caught up with everything. I’m basically working myself back from being a little behind in some of my schoolwork.

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Through all of this, I have learned a hard but rewarding lesson. When I got so busy, my biggest fault was not lacking sleep or wearing myself thin or even having to turn in class assignments late. My biggest mistake was letting God get knocked down my priority list a couple of notches. When I failed to talk to Him in prayer or read His Word, I was missing out on the strength and guidance only He could have given me. I naively and pridefully assumed that I could continue to struggle to manage everything going on in my life – to the exhaustion of my body, the weariness of my mind, and the trial of my faith.

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Now that I am talking to Him and reading His Word and listening to Him again on a daily basis, I realize how easy it would have been for Him to work in my life. It would have taken no effort at all for Him to fix things and refill my strength.

Sometimes though, He has to let us fall to our knees to realize that’s where we should have been in the first place.

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