Just Peanuts

I had an epiphany today in one of my English classes.

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We were discussing the “discourses” used in our society. For those of you who, like myself, have no clue what on earth discourses are, they are the identities we use in different environments that influence how we speak, think, and act. For example, during school as a UK student I put on the “identity” of a UK student: I speak like a student (talking about intelligent subjects in class), act like a student (attending class and “performing” there), and think like a student (challenging those ideas and/or theories that are presented to me and questioning whether they are right or wrong, as I have been taught to do in class).

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Sitting there wishing the class was over, as my head began to hurt (as I imagine yours is beginning to do right now) a single thought suddenly exploded over the horizon of my mind like a brilliant sunrise: none of this matters.

And it’s true.

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Ten years down the road – one year down the road – heck, six months down the road, this silly subject of “discourses” and how they influence me in society – this entire class – is probably not going to really matter in the long run. I’ll likely not remember much of it, either.
In fact, school itself – my education as a whole – is only going to play a very tiny part in the fulfillment of my purpose here on earth in this lifetime. Compared to the everlasting joy-filled life awaiting us, this class is nothing. My life, in fact, is just peanuts. As is yours.

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I have written about this before, and I will again defend my thoughts. Yes, school is important. If I suddenly gave up on class and stopped going, it would definitely have a very serious impact on my life (i.e. failing out of school).
I am not saying here that school is not important. I am not saying that we should ditch it, give up, drop out. Education is a good thing. I am quite simply saying that there are more important things in life, and that everything should be done in moderation, as Solomon teaches in Ecclesiastes.

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I suppose if I had to sum up this entry, it would sound something like this: Love God, love people, and enjoy life – just don’t take it too seriously.

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    Great closing line! Sounds like some really philosophical quote, which it is! -Your online buddy!

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