When Government Attacks

Hola amigos.
I’m running out of ways to begin these things.

Hope this note finds everyone well. Not too much different going on here. Business as usual I guess.

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There are numerous places to eat around campus. I haven’t tried them all, some of which I don’t even know the location of, but inside most have at least one wall with stools and computers set up for the students to use if needed. It’s funny to watch various people approach a computer, hand outstretched, hovering above the mouse, a look of hesitation and hope etched on their face. “Will this one work?” Most of the machines are usually on the blink and apparently not well-maintained.

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Student Senate is an institution on campus you don’t hear much about. One day I remember walking to class and seeing vibrant neon posters hung everywhere that hadn’t been there before. Didn’t really give you any information, just a name and a face, or maybe two. A week or so later I was a few minutes late to Calculus recitation (which really wasn’t a big deal because it’s not as much a class as a study hall) so I was one of only a few students left treading the sidewalks outside the Classroom Building. This means I had all of the silly people campaigning for student government to myself (as that was where they had seemed to congregate to catch votes for themselves). Lucky me.

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One girl, apparently smarter or more eager for the position than her opponents, had positioned herself farther away from the building than the others, thus she was first to divert my attention. Already late, but not caring too much as this is a very informal “class” I was headed to, I decided in my cheerful mood to let her run her spiel by me. She did and upon finishing handed me a bright green slip of paper with her name and information on it. I slipped it quickly into my pocket and made a mental note to add it to my little black book later.

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HA. Right. ME? Have to admit you weren’t expecting that though, were you? I like to keep you people on your toes. Be so kind as to laugh at yourself for me seeing as how I’m not there to do it. Just FYI that flyer among others ended up in the trash when I got inside the building later.

And NO, I do NOT own a little black book. Perish the thought.
Anyway . . .

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I continued toward the building and was charged on all sides by the other candidates. They came out of nowhere, all around me, out of the sky, everywhere. Among the chatter I heard “Vote for me,” “I won’t let you down” and “Abdul is cool!” I waved my hand and protested that I was late for my class (I didn’t have time for ALL these chuckleheads), but they wouldn’t give up. Bright neon fliers were shoved at me from all directions and I grabbed at them in hopes of appeasing the blood-thirsty crazies. The short Indian dude actually followed me all the way to the door, patting me on the back the whole way speaking quick, short sentences I couldn’t understand (ol’ Abdul really wanted this position).

In the end I declined to vote anyway. I don’t know what the student government does for me and with tens of thousands of students here I’m sure they had enough votes in the end. Take THAT Abdul! HA!

Well I’m getting tired and this was enough laughs for one message. Seems like there was another story to tell but it hasn’t come to mind for some reason.

Hasta luego (So long),

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