Three Leaves

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One day this past week I was walking back from my last class to my dorm, feeling a little depressed. I had just gotten back a test and was a bit disappointed with myself because I knew I could have done better. Also, financial stuff is kinda tight right now (well, that holds true for most college students) and for some reason none of the jobs I’ve applied to have worked out (but I’m still trying). Well, these things and a few others were fresh on my mind and just weighing on me. I was walking down a path, looking down at the sidewalk in front of me as I stepped. I raised my head, and at that very moment a long, thin leaf fell right in front of my face, not a foot away. Right as the leaf crossed my vision I could hear the still, small voice of God speaking to me:
“See that leaf, Josh?”
Another single leaf of the same kind fell, close enough to snatch from the air.
“And that one?” He whispered.
A third leaf, same as the first two, fell just within arm’s reach.
“And that one, too? Do you see them, Josh?”
I nodded my head yes and the voice continued.
“Josh, I know exactly when those leaves fall and right where they land. Do you not think that I love you so much more?”
I lifted my face to the sky, laughing as a huge grin split across my face. The rest of my day was much better. Isn’t He wonderful?

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