The Free Mac Phenomenon

First, A History

If you’re here because you heard that this guy Josh Clark can hook you up with a free Mac through some magical Internet ploy, sorry, but you missed the boat. This is the story.

It all started in October 2006. I really wanted a Mac, and set out to find a means to get one. I stumbled upon one of those so-called “scam” sites that looked like so many we’ve all seen. Get a free Mac! *With completion of offers and referring a billion friends and so on and so forth. After much research and tediously reading over the fine print, I embarked on my journey.

Thirty days, eighteen offers and $98.69 later, I received a brand new $2,000-retail MacBook Pro on my doorstep. I was ecstatic.

And Then There Were More

Being a very detailed person, I had kept notes throughout the process. On October 30, 2006, I posted How I Got A Mac For Next To Nothing on my website, only because I knew a few friends were interested in trying their luck at it. I told only a handful of people that I can remember – close friends and family. And they told people, who told others, who posted on forums, who wrote articles in newspapers, until tens of thousands were visiting my site each month wanting free Macs of their own.

The volume became too great for one freebie company to handle, so they changed their terms and made it nearly impossible to do anymore. “Why stop at Macs?” I thought, and found other sites offering other free stuff.

Over the past several years since the original free Mac I accumulated somewhere around $7,000 of free products and cash, having spent only around $400. It was a fun ride, but gradually freebie sites shut down and others changed requirements, making deals more complicated.

The Current State of Things

It has been a long while since I completed or even heard of any really good freebies worth completing, so I’ve all but stopped following those types of things. And even if I found one I’m afraid I won’t post them on my blog anymore because of the overwhelming traffic this tends to give such sites, which usually leads to them going downhill fast.

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